Why do liberals consider these politicians heros?

1. John F Kennedy. Started the war in Vietnam; LBJ continued it.

2. Bill Clinton's military dropped chemical bombs in Serbia, also blew up the largest medicine supply in Sudan

“…the bombing will inexorably cause the suffering and death of tens of thousands of innocent people all over Africa, many of them children, by depriving them of basic medicines against malaria, tuberculosis, and other easily curable diseases.”

3. Franklin D Roosevelt, extended the Great Depression to last around 15 years taking a major world war and the complete destruction of Europe to finally bring us out.

4. Teddy Roosevelt, of course the famous imperialist.

5. Abraham Lincoln, who killed over 300 Sioux Indians with speedy, 10 minute military "trials". Deported a senator for disagreeing with him Locked up thousands of journalists in the north for criticizing him. Sent out brigades to torture people all across the north and south to extract information. Notoriously corrupt with ties to the big railroad corporations his whole life, the Grant administration was so corrupt it had people thrown in prison, such as the Credit Mobilier scandal that occurred under Lincoln's watch but was only revealed when Grant was President.

He started tax payer subsidies for corporations, and protectionist tariffs that excluded the large companies from international competition (so rich get richer, poor get poorer). Really an all around terrible guy if you look into him.

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    Politicians and hero is an oxymoron. Perhaps that is why I am an anti-war Liberal.

    Kennedy never started the Vietnam war. That had been brewing since the 1950's but the war weary Americans did not want another war... they just wanted peace. Three days after Kennedy's assignation President Johnson had a conference with Henry Cabot Lodge, America's ambassador to South Vietnam. They discussed the recent assassination of Diem and the political instability in South Vietnam.

    Johnson lied to the American people about American warships that had been assisting the South Vietnamese commando raids: that the destroyers had been in combat zones and that the alleged reports of there raids were imagined by nervous American officers. Johnson faked being outraged and ordered American planes to smash North Vietnamese torpedo bases and "oil" instillations. These were targets he picked out two months earlier. Ten he asked congress to authorize him to take "all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against forces of the US and to prevent any further aggression." The alarmed, and woefully uninformed congress agreed. This is why we can never trust any politician, Republican or Democrat , with the truth.

    The Vietnam war escalated early in 1965 after Vietcong rebels killed 7 Americans and wounded 109 at Pleiku. Twelve hours later, American planes began dropping bombs and by 1966 the US has over 200.000 soldiers in South Vietnam. Johnson's actions were sharply criticized but Johnson promised long-term economic rewards and the number of troops increased by the thousands.

    Clearly, this was an abuse of presidential power by a man from Texas with strong ties to big Oil, and after 1968 Johnson hardly dared to appear in public. Nothing good ever comes out of Texas.

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    Because we do not agree with your interpretation of history. JFK didn't start the war on Vietnam, Eisenhower did. Clinton's bombing - how come you left Bush off the list, since we invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians based on "faulty intelligence" just as Clinton bombed the aspirin factory? Only conservatives claim FDR extended the Great Depression, ignoring the fact that Hoover created it by listening to the Feds insistence that they not back up the banks. Teddy Roosevelt the imperialist? Look up his bio and see how many countries he took over and how many international treaties he brokered that ended wars and conflicts in many places of the globe. Lincoln wasn't perfect, but he managed to keep the country together. And many of the things you complain about with him you completely ignore in Bush.

    But because liberals are the way they are, understanding that you have no idea what that is, we tend not to make heroes of politicians. Our heroes are more like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela(although he was a politician in the end), Jonas Salk, etc.

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    Kennedy: Cuban Missile Crisis, Peace Corps, and school integration. He also fought hard for Medicare, though it wasn't passed until LBJ's administration.

    FDR: Ended the Great Depression, defeated Hitler.

    Lincoln: Freed the slaves.

    T. Roosevelt wasn't much of a liberal, but he did have an admirable record on environmental issues.

    Never voted for Clinton.

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    A home-schooled biblical-literalist?

    The conditions for the Vietnam war were established during the McCarthy era when moderate Republican Dwight D. Eisenhauer was in office. JFK just followed through on the commitments made in the Cold War backwash of McCarthy's anti-Communist hysteria in the 1950s.

    You are dead wrong about the Great Depression, too. Republicans controlled both House and Senate for Republican Presidents Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover (control of the Executive branch), same as with the lawless Depression-Great Recession-causing Bush/Cheney administration and the GOP-controlled House and Senate from 2001 through to 2007. Always-fail Republican policies of supply-side ("trickle on down upon the little people" or "voodoo") economics; deregulation that removes all oversight, consumer protections, and checks or balances; corruption; corporate collusion caused the early-onset decline in GDP in June 1929 that then led to the October 1929 MARKET CRASH (repeated in 2004-2005 deregulation-caused HOUSING and CREDIT MARKETS' COLLAPSE that triggered the horrific GOP-caused FINANCIAL SYSTEM MELTDOWN)---a Great Depression that the Election of a Democrat-controlled Congress and another nation-saving Democrat, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his New Deal. FDR was so successful in leading this nation out of the Republican-caused Great Depression that he was re-elected three more times, but died before he could serve that fourth term. President Bill Clinton came in after another failed GOP era (Reagan/Bush-Bush/Quayle) that brought about the COLLAPSE of our nation's SAVINGS AND LOANS, and used demand-side economics, re-regulation to undo damages caused by the GOP's deregulation, and a focus on rebuilding our GOP-outsourced manufacturing jobs base (see "America: What Went Wrong" by Donald Bartlett and James Steele). Now we have President Barack Obama (see whitehouse.gov and recovery.gov or read Michael Grumwald's 2012 book "The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era"). Democrats are just better for America's economy and well-being.

    And guess what? Abraham Lincoln was a Republican...lol.

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    1) JFK did not start the Second Indochina (Vietnam) War, that was Dwight Eisenhower (R) in 1954 when he violated the "1954 Geneva Agreements on Indochina" even as they were being signed. JFK only increased the number of advisers sent to Vietnam.

    2) FDR did not extend the "Great Depression" by his actions. In fact he helped reduce the time it lasted because of his domestic fiscal policies. The US was already moving out of the depression by 1938 by selling arms and munitions to Germany, Italy, Spain (all fascist countries) along with selling to Nationalist China.

    Source(s): A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia. Currently a retired SE Asian historian.
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    You forgot Millard Fillmore.

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    I disagree with the choice of JFK,, General MacNamera just recently came forward to confirm the gulf of Tonkin, never happened, it was a hoax

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    I am with Chloe.. I have no heros, epecially not politicians..

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    Why are you unable to stand on your own convictions and instead must define yourself based solely on what you deem to be wrong with others?

    Truly pathetic.

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    Liberals have their own way of re-writing history.

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