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Does anyone else have problems with the My Activities sidebar?

Mine seems to be stuck 5 days in the past. Activities on the main column display are ok when I go to Answers Home, and I'm getting email notifications. Just no feedback on the right.

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    The activity list is not updating.

    The points are awarded as you acquire them.

    Answer you give will show on your profile answers list and the Everything page just not on the Activity page.

    I am getting emails for best answers but that is not showing on my activity.

    There are similar question asked and there for sure is a glitch with the Activity List not updating.

    Look at your points total before and after next time you answer and it will show the points added.

    My Activity is showing the 28th...nothing since.......... but it did show the points for today on my total points graph..

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    Others here are reporting a similar situation. If refreshing the page doesn't fix it, then it's a bigger problem than just you and you'll have to wait until staff fixes it.

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