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In May, I moved from Iowa (a state that collects income tax) to Florida (a state that does not collect an annual income tax). How do I prove to tax officials the date at which I moved?

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    7 years ago
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    You won't be asked to prove the date you moved unless you were audited.

    The date of your move doesn't really matter -- the IA Dept of Revenue does NOT care when you moved - they care about taxes & they will tax IA source income. You will claim part year resident and NOT non resident on your tax form.

    You may need to file a IA 1040 for 2014.

    Moving to another state does NOT mean you are NOT a resident of IA for tax purposes. See the following link for more info. You could be considered a resident or part year resident. Def NOT a non resident.

    It depends of your 'intent' and what actions you took. Did you register to vote in FL? Get a DL? Where is your vehicle registered? You could be considered a resident of IA & JUST working in FL - a temporary move.

    Most likely you will be considered a part year resident for IA tax purposes. You are NOT a non resident for IA taxes. Please see page 48 at the following link. All your questions will be answered. If NOT ask..

    Depending on the amount of IA source income & type of income you may or may not be required to file an IA tax return as a part yr resident . Read the requirements on the link. File forms IA126 along with IA 1040 for 2014. It's always a good idea to file even if not required to, to receive a refund..

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    Bills for moving expenses (uHaul rental etc.)

    Utility hookup fees

    Date of lease signed

    New employment date

    You will not be asked to prove anything unless audited. You will file a part-year resident return for Iowa and pay income tax only on Iowa income.

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    Most states require that you after move, you have a limited number of days in which to transfer your driver license (anywhere from 14 to 60 days depending on the state).

    Also when I moved from one town in PA to another town also in PA, the town wanted a copy of my first electric bill with the new address showing the day that service was started. This was to get out of paying taxes the town collected that were not based on income.

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    You don't have to prove anything. Your employers will report on W3 your income in both states. You pay your share of income to Iowa.

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    7 years ago

    Proving date of issue of your FL D/L or state ID will almost always work. go get one, if you haven't already done so.

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    7 years ago

    the non or part time resident form for the state will probably include the dates you were actually in that state and your taxes are based on the time you were

    if you hauled your goods you would have some kind of receipt from the U Haul or moving company, if you drove you probably could show the receipts for gas you paid in states from Iowa to Fla

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    7 years ago

    When you changed your driver license/state ID (you did, didn't you)? That's the best way. Utility bills might also work.

  • 7 years ago

    When you moved is not important. For tax purposes the issue is how much of your income was earned in the from state and how much in the to state.

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