How do I run Black Ops I without steam?

I just got a steam copy of black ops I, but steam is ******* up my FPS badly. I can run the game at eighty easily, but its only running at fourty, which is choppy as hell. How do I play all the modes, including the online modes, without running stupid steam in the background?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Steam itself probably isn't the issue. It's designed to use up almost none of your PC's CPU at ALL so that is likely not the problem. The whole POINT of Steam is that it runs in such a way as to not slow down games at all. Also, you cannot play games you buy with Steam without running the program; that would defeat the purpose.

    All this said, there are a few known issues that can affect how much CPU Steam uses, which can be viewed here:

    The only other time I've heard of framerate/CPU usage being affected at all by Steam is a few odd cases involving Mac owners using the Mac version of Steam, but seeing as I run Steam games all the time on my crappy, intergrated graphics card using 250$ laptop, I'd say that your problem is a rare bug that needs fixing.

    So, to reiterate: You CANNOT play it without Steam, but Steam doesn't usually cause these issues so you should look into possible errors or conflicting programs that might be contributing to the issue.

  • 7 years ago

    Oh, okay. Where do I get patches and ****?...thanks a lot, btw, youre giving me new hope

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