what does "hold ice" mean?

HOLD ICE 05/30/2014 $0.00

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  • Edward
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    6 years ago
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    ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They want him held in jail until they can come get him.

    That may be what they want but it isn't what their getting.

    Holding fewer ICE detainees, county jails feel effect of federal budget cuts


    Sherriff Mirkarimi ends policy of holding inmates for federal immigration agency


    Jails no longer holding undocumented immigrants for ICE agents


    Somerville to limit holding of immigrants

    ‘Law enforcement’ need must be clear


    Denver will stop holding immigrants on ICE detainers


    Washington County Sheriff's Office changes immigration detainer policy following federal decision in Clackamas County case


    Clackamas County violated woman's Constitutional rights by holding her in jail at immigration agency's request, federal judge rules


    Not allowing bail don't mean squat when the detainee isn't guilty of a crime higher than being illegally present. But me thinks you've posted an immigration question under the wrong section.

    Just saw your other question Harris Co. Here's something to ponder, his DUI is one issue. For the immigration issue read this.

    Q: What happens if ICE does not assume custody of the individual after 48 hours?

    A: If ICE does not assume custody after 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), the local law enforcement agency (LEA) is required to release the individual. The LEA may not lawfully hold an individual beyond the 48-hour period.

    Q: What if the subject of the detainer believes that he or she has been held beyond the 48 hours, or has a complaint?

    A: The Notice to the Detainee advises individuals that if ICE does not take them into custody during the 48 hours, they should contact the LEA or entity that is holding them to inquire about their release from state or local custody.

    If the individual has a complaint regarding the detainer or violations of civil rights or civil liberties connected to DHS activities, he or she should contact the ICE Joint Intake Center at 1-877-2INTAKE (877-246-8253).


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      thank you

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  • Bruce
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    6 years ago

    ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They want him held in jail until they can come get him. He has a warrant through them, and the $0.00 means there is no bond.

    Source(s): Law enforcement since 1991
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  • Tony
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    6 years ago

    ICE hold means you cannot bail out of jail before trial and if your charges should be dismissed you will be removed to an ICE detention facility.

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