I want a Corn Snake but dont know where to get one?

I live in kansas city and my local pet store I went into a few months ago was filthy. It was like a puppy mill. They had fish, snakes, rabbits, rats, dogs, hamsters, iguanas, etc. But they all looked sick and theyre cages weren't clean at all. I feel sorry for the animals and I think that should be illegal! Should I report them or will it do any good? It makes me wanna cry cuz I love all animals but they shouldn't be treated like that. There was a big python and it was in a small cage it could barely fit and barely move around In it. Smh but I'm scared to buy a snake or any animal really from a pet store because they're probably sick and aggressive because of the way they're treated in the pet stores. I want to know what I'm getting, so where did u get your corn snake from? A breeder? I looked that up but dont see any in my area.

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    If you can't find a local breeder there are a couple reliable websites you can order from. You have to make sure corn snakes can be sent to your state however because it may be illegal to ship them to your state. Bhbreptiles.com and lllreptile.com are both good sites to order from. I have ordered 4 snakes from bhbreptiles.com and they are great (3 ball pythons and 1 corn snake) If corns cannot be shipped into your state I suggest looking on craigslist for your area, hoobly.com, or kingsnake.com. breeders and owners of corn snakes in your state will likely post on at least one of these sites to sell. Another way you could get one is to see when there will be a reptile expo near you and you could purchase one from there. Good luck!

    Also in regards to the pet store you can report them if you wish. If it will do any good will depend on if the people who investigate (if anyone will investigate) think they are providing proper care or not.

    Source(s): Keeper of various reptiles ( including ball pythons and corn snakes ) and other animals
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    As far as reporting this "pet mill", i would look into your local code violations to see if any have been infringed. possibly inquire as to how often their tanks are cleaned, when and what they feed their animals, assess the general filth of the place as well as acceptable size habitats for said animals and if you feel in your mind that violations are occurring then you should do what you feel is right. And for where to find a corn snake, I am very surprised that you would have any trouble at all finding one anywhere. Corn snakes are one of the most common domestic snakes and can usually be found at just about any store where pets are sold. Check to see if it is legal in your state to have snakes shipped to your house because that might be your best option if you simply cannot procure one from a local retailer.

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