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Is playing "open" an incorrect way of playing drums?

My brother who's been playing for about 2.5 years (Me around the same time but he's better and knows more about drums than me) told me it's incorrect but I still wanted to see what other people thought.

The only reason I play open is because I am left handed (Except I play guitar right handed) and I don't feel like changing the drum set to left handed. And playing open right handed is like playing left handed normal.

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    I've played and taught drums for about 40 years now, 16 of those years as a full time professional drummer. To put it simply, your brother is 100% wrong. It is uncommon to play open handed, but there is nothing wrong about it. A left handed drummer really only has two options, play a right hand kit open handed, or play a left hand kit cross handed. Of course there are not different kits for right and left handed people, what I mean by left and right is the setup obviously.

    You should be really glad you can play open handed as it allow you to do things us cross handed drumers cannot. For instance, since our snare hand if basically locked under our hi-hat hand, we cannot easily add little accents on the toms, cymbals, etc. while keeping a solid beat on the hi-hats.

    As to what you brother said about open handed being wrong, ask him what he is doing when he plays a ride cymbal to his right...exactly, he is playing open handed.

    If you want to see a great drummer playing open handed and see some of the cool things it allows him to do, watch some videos of Carter Beauford.

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