NRHH : What do you people think about my list of "Best Movies With a Rapper(s) in a Major Role" (link inside)?

Q1 : What are your favorite movies having rapper in a major role ?

Q2 : Who is your favorite rapper turned actor (except Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith) ?

Q3 : Also what do you think about my list of "Best Animated Movies of All Time" ?

Q4 : What are your favorite animated movies ?

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    Poetic Justice is higher on my list and Set It Off is lower...agree with #1 though...

    cool list...needs Gang Related though...

    1 - Juice

    2 - Pac

  • Now You See Me should be on this list. My n!gg@ Common gets hypnotized and starts playing a violin. Oh yeah, Are We There Yet? should definitely be up there as well.

    You should have South Park BLU in your animated films list.

  • "Killa Season" is not only the best film starring a rapper but arguably the best film period. Whenever I'm feeling down I turn that on and I almost always feel better immediately.

  • 6 years ago

    I agree with your top 5. Especially, with Boyz n the Hood at number one.

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