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Vince McMahon autobiography?

OK a lot of wrestlers have release their auto biography and in general they seem to be sincere, especially with bret Hart's book regarded as accurate and close to what took place and objective with barely any bias opinions of others, same with hogan, Michaels, bishoff or flair. Now if vince mcmahon publish his autobiography I belive it would clear up a lot of the rumors in the past and since it's coming from him we can see the business and quite possibly the actual perspective of wrestling events.

Now note anything that's been done in the past for wwe was done with his OK. Because of this we have to assume he has his reasons for it and how he arrived to those reasons, if he did write a autobiography would it be honest or ambiguous, if it's honest what topics would you want him to go in depth leaving no doors unlocked, such as his relationship with Randy savage, what happen with cm punk at the rumble, why he allowed the undertaker streak to be ended, was Montreal really necessary, how close was he to being locked up in jail or put out of business by wcw, his natural relationship with triple h, so forth, how would you construct the book from start to finish.

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    It would probably be the highest selling professional wrestling book of all time. IF Vince McMahon wrote an Autobiography, it would surpass Mick Foley's Books on Day One. Then Conspiracy theorists would have a field day.

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    Vince doesn't have time for that. However, there is a fairly comprehensive biography on Vince out there called 'Sex, Lies, and Headlocks: The Real Story of Vince McMahon.' I highly recommend it.

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    Vince Mcmahon Autobiography

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    would love to read it if he did do one

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