B&B~Of all of the exotic places Brooke has been, which one?

was the best?

With Bill or

With Ridge ?

And where at?

Where did Ridge & Brooke honeymoon at?

Where did Bill & Katie honeymoon at?

Do you think Ridge will make it there in time to stop the wedding?

Will there be a big fight?

3 Answers

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    The magic berries island trip with Thomas lol Just kidding, that was beyond stupid!

    There's been sooo many weddings/honeymoons they just seem to run together. Seems like there's always a beach and some horses involved.

    Ridge will get there in time I think and Brooke will go back to LA with him. But Bill will follow and beg her to forgive him. Then they will plan another wedding eventually.

  • 7 years ago

    We have lost track of the all weddings, and proposals, and the lack of sincere characters in this so called soap opera. Have "the powers that be" run out of actors, that all we view are Brooke and Bill cuddling, or some other couple making love? Daytime drama for the homemaker, or homeworker, is boring as hell if all that is served up to us daily is doses of Brooke's lovers on B&B. Does this actress own this soap show? What is her big secret to maintaining control of the tennis court for so long? Everyone is really tired of the same old, same old. Maybe Quinn will put some fire back into the old show!

  • 7 years ago

    Brooke and ridge. I hope ridge kicks man whore bill ***.

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