what career should I go into?

So ill be a senior next school year and its time to start thinking of what I want to do in my future. I've always wanted to do something with business. for so long I've wanted to go into international business. I've done research but many people say that, that should be after I master a certain area since its a broad career. So I was thinking of being an accountant since I love numbers and I'm really good at it. But I'm still not sure. is there any other career in business where I work with numbers or talk/help people. I'm bilingual also so I think that I can use that in my career. my mom wants me to be a hair dresser since she things I'm good at it when I do her or my friends hair. I don't want to learn how to cut peoples hair. is there any school or place where I can learn to do people's hair like updo , curl, and straighten.

thanks for your time!

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    6 years ago
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    Get a degree in Accounting. It teaches you how to analyze companies and to prepare taxes. I think it teaches you a skill while the other business degrees just gives you a piece of paper. Furthermore, you can open your own office/business.

    Being a hairstylist exposes you to a lot of chemicals and it's hard to stand up all day. It's okay while you're young, but it starts to feel like manual labor as you get older.

  • Qwabbs
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    6 years ago

    Let see you're good with numbers

    You want to open up your own business

    I suggest take a course in college called ''Economics'' It teaches you ideas on spending,business and how to operate your own business. I think you would make a good marketer

  • Rob
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    6 years ago

    if in USA,visit BLS.gov/OOH for a few months

    to learn about real careers/jobs.

    what they pay or do not pay.

    educations needed.

    as for hair dresser, u do not get employed as a job ,

    u develop a client customer base.

    so u can be broke and in debt for some time.

    in US, many good paying actually in demand

    careers/jobs start in community colleges.

    many paay 35,000 - 65,000 yrly, some top

    out at 110,000$yrly.

    use a library also.

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