Revenge suggestions?

Long story but I have a crazy woman who I paid $200 to adopt a cat from call me in the middle of the night and yell at me that she was going to call the police unless I give her the cat back right now (at 1am).

I want to f**k with her. I want her to think twice about being an a**hole.

Usually if someone pisses me off I post 'free Iphone' or '18 yo looking for older man sex' or '$500 car' adds on Craigslist with their number. I have heard that they get 100s of calls in an hour from really rude people.

This doesn't feel extreme enough. I want something that is anonymous but going to drive her f**king crazy.

Thanks for your help!

And if you want to tell me I'm horrible or crazy, great, go ahead, I promise to take every word to heart. Or you could go f**k yourselves because I don't care :D

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  • 6 years ago
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    Okay revenge isnt the answer but I suppose it is okay now. Send her letters. Creepy ones like letters confessing undying love or murder warnings or suicide notes. If she is that crazy she will beleive it.

    • JNoReally6 years agoReport

      Only have her phone and email "/ but nice try :D

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  • 6 years ago

    Punch her dad in the dick 👊

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  • rob p
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    6 years ago

    If you like jail go ahead. They have rules for these things, such as terroristic threats, stalking, criminal trespass, harassment -the list goes on.. Find God.

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    • JNoReally6 years agoReport

      You are an ignorant and weak human for believing in such foolish childhood things as god. Also, there are laws, none of which I am currently crossing. Thank though. Please consider spreading your bible thumping bulls**t else where.

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  • Naguru
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    6 years ago

    Good Question!.

    Pl. select an auspicious time in consultation with a priest or an astrologer for this specific purpose. It will result in total successes to you.

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    • JNoReally6 years agoReport

      An astrologer? Seriously? You are a bigger moron than the guy that told me to find god. Please consider no breading. For all our sakes.

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