Stomich pain won't leave?

Been having issues for 2 weeks waking up with face hands and feet feeling ice cold and painful. Doctor days don't worry, it's normal. Blood work, BP and all within normal. Cannot sleep well with waking up shivering and not bring able to get warm enough - feels like I'm out in subzero weather when it's actually 85 in the house. This again is told to be "normal"

Woke up this am with such severe stomach pain - just above belly button, below zyphoid process, radiates down to my lower back kind of. Not gallbladder, not appendix. Don't have either. Don't think it's a gallstone, pain not in correct place, had that many times before. No fever. Antacids don't work, stomach so sore it's actually painful like a 7 on 1 to 10 pain scale, and that with pain meds n board. Tried eating something and it made it worse. Now it's more painful and purses breathing is only thing helping.

Not constipated or blocked in any way. Anyone had these symptoms? Doctor says its nothing to worry about.


The feeling cold has lasted about 2 weeks, the stomach pain started this am. Called and talked with my gp and on call - they think its normal heartburn and think it should resolve in a few days.

When I go to the ER they treat me like a hyprocondriac and usually admit me for several days and send me home. This is minor to what I usually have to go in for and don't want to be told its "gas" and up the dose of the omeprazole again. I'm starting to think fatigue might be the cause.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hello, sounds like it isn't your stomach, that would hurt up just between the ribs. Your pain sounds like it could be around a kidney area or a gastric problem. If

    you are feeling that kind of pain, you need to go to ER, that is what they are there

    for. 2 weeks is way to long to let that kind of pain go. Get you body and a parent and head for help, they will find the problem. I don't know why your doctor didn't

    send you already, knowing you are dealing with that amount of pain. Maybe time to change doctors. Good luck.

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    7 years ago

    Don't know why it won't let me comment or vote best answer. Went into ED, lipase level 4200, traponin c also up there. Not sure what heart issue is going on. Did not know it could be some stomac issue that would turn out to be a critical event.

    Thanks for the replies

  • 7 years ago

    Consult a doctor without delay.

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