Name 10 great books to read in middle school.?

I need to read books

Name some now!!!!!!!!!

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    Im assuming your a girl right now since some of these books are definitely more girly. Also I don't know what grade your in.. I remember middle school was when I started to read more "teen" books (i.e. had relationships and stuff) especially as I was getting older and going into 8th grade.. But a lot of books i enjoyed were still very PG and usually had a fantasy element to them (especially in 6th grade still).. I would honestly still enjoy these books today, they would just be a quick easy read for me (Im graduating high school).

    Warriors Series - Erin Hunter

    Running Out of Time - Margaret Peterson Haddix

    The Clique - Lisi Harrison

    Inkheart - Cornelia Funke

    The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman

    Eragon - Christopher Paolini

    Books that i still enjoy today that I first read or started reading in middle school.. Consider these the books in the young adult section targeted more for teens (generally characters are in later teens and are in high school).

    Obviously books like the Hunger games, Divergent but my guess is that you have probably read them.

    Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

    I think she's a great writer to read when you want a great story and the best characters ever! They are so relatable and funny. I thought I wasn't going to like this book, and i loved it. It took me three years to convince my friend to pick it up and read it and now I lent her the whole series because she can't put the books down.. The movie is not that great so just read the books!

    The Host - Stephenie Meyer

    Read this if your in the older grades of middle school because the concept is definitely confusing at first.. I like it better than Twilight, but but I remember as a 7th grader reading Twilight BEFORE it became popular I loved it so much. The host is targeted for a slightly older demographic. Just warning you the first 100 pages are a bit slow, then things start to pick up. I feel like this is a book you appreciate the more you read it. I thought the idea was very interesting and unique and loved Wanda (the main character).

    Meg Cabot also writes some great books. I feel like her books vary so vastly in topic and character personality that every book is very very different. I did not like the princess diaries, however I like most of her books. My favorite series are the Mediator Series and the Airhead series, though I liked almost all of them.

    Uglies - Scott Westerfield

    Amazing series! Set in a world where "normal" people are "ugly" because everyone gets a surgery to make them "beautiful". This book really needs more credit since it was around before other futuristic and dystopian novels..

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    2.Insurgent (sequel to Divergent)

    3.Allegiant (sequel to Insurgent)

    4-10. All 7 Harry Potter books if you haven't already.

    11.The Hunger Games

    12. Catching Fire (sequel to THG)

    13. Mockinjay (sequel to CF)

    14. The Book Thief

    15. The Fault in Our Stars

    16. Looking for Alaska

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    No Good Books. Books are bad.

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