What the difference between Sambo and Wrestling?

And, why we don't see Sambo in Olimpiacs?

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    Sambo is a Soviet martial art. While it drew heavily from Judo, it also incorporated fighting methods from native fighting styles from all over the (former) Soviet Union. It was originally created to be the combat system for the military. The original system includes things like knife defenses. In modern times, the most practiced version is known as "Sport Sambo". It has a competitive format that allows for victory via "perfect" throw, a pin, or a submission via arm lock or leg lock; chokes are barred. I believe there's also a points system. There's also "Combat Sambo" which includes a lot of striking, including head butts. There are other minor variations ("freestyle Sambo" allows for chokes, for instance) but when most people say "Sambo" it's Sport Sambo they're referring to.

    Sport Sambo is different from the two main types of Olympic wrestling in that in Sambo, a single throw may win a match, that there are submissions (arm and leg locks), and that the competitors wear jackets with belts that may be grabbed.

    It's not in the Olympics because there aren't enough people practicing it world-wide. It's not "big" enough. Or frankly, probably artistic enough. Plus, with three other grappling styles in the Olympics, including the jacketed Judo which Sambo vaguely resembles, I don't think the IOC would feel a great need to have it there.

    Here are some highlights of Sport Sambo:


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    Combat Sambo highlights:


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    Olympic Freestyle wrestling (can win via pin or points, no submissions, no jacket, can attack the legs with grabs and sweeps/trips):


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    Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling (can win via pin or points, no submissions, no jacket, cannot trip or grab below the waist):


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    I don't know what Sambo is?? Isn't that a type of dance?? Oh, no that would be the Samba, right??

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