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Ptachi asked in 社會與文化語言 · 6 years ago


一. 選填適合題意的答案,並做適當的變化

frown opinion positive threaten culture

variousmovement negative probable dessert

1. __________ The bad guy ________ to hurt Ann if she didn’t give him money.

2. __________ We should not always look at the ________ side of life. There are lots of good things happening around us.

3. __________ The singer was happy because he got ________ feedback on his new songs.

4. __________ The store sells ________ kinds of toys. I am sure you can find what you want there.

5. __________ The old man ________ because the heavy rain stopped him from taking a walk outside.

6. __________ Since you have worked for years, I’d like to hear your ________ about finding a job.

7. __________ The ways of celebrating New Year vary from one ________ to another.

8. __________ Joe was walking like a monkey. His funny ________ made everyone laugh.

9. __________ Ice cream is my favorite ________. I often eat it after dinner.

10. __________ It is ________ that the small island will sink (下沈) in the near future.

二. 請適當變化動詞時態及名詞單複數

similarity absence confidence normalaccept

impression design label insult lack

1. For American high school students, it’s quite ________ to drive a car to school.

2. The big company offered Leo a good job, and he decided to ________ it.

3. The boy answered the teacher’s question with ________.

4. I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean to ________ you.

5. Ian’s cell phone was broken, but he ________ money to buy a new one.

6. Mary’s ________ from the important meeting made her boss angry.

7. All the items with green ________ are on sale in the store.

8. The new student made a great ________ on us with his good behavior.

9. There are some ________ between the father and the son. For example, they both look tall and strong.

10. Jessica wants to study fashion ________ at university next year.

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  • 羅莉
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    6 years ago
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    一. 選填適合題意的答案,並做適當的變化

    1. threatened (直說語氣); would threaten (假設語氣) 二者皆可.

    2. negative

    3. positive

    4. various

    5. frowned

    6. opinion

    7. culture

    8. movement

    9. dessert

    10. probable

    二. 請適當變化動詞時態及名詞單複數

    1. normal

    2. accept

    3. confidence

    4. insult

    5. lacked

    6. absence

    7. labels

    8. impression

    9. similarities

    10. designing

    Source(s): 羅莉 -- 文法+語意
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  • Louis
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    6 years ago


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