can i keep my att email address , if I stop using ATT or Yahoo as front page?

I am unable to adjust to the frequent disorienting, disability-hostile changes to the home pages.

Do I have to change to a new e-mail address, to use another system?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Overview of accessibility features for persons with disabilities -

    Use accessibility features to read your Yahoo Mail -

    You could use an email client to view your mail.

    Access your Yahoo Mail account with another mail program -

    Top 11 Free Email Services -

  • 7 years ago

    to edit my question:

    The disability options I see are mainly aimed at making text larger or using alternate means of entry.

    For many users, our disabilities are not even considered, much less addressed. for example, i become disoriented by intrusive popups that flash or crawl across the screen when i am typing or reading. if the place to accomplish a particular task is moved from top left to bottom right, it is exhausting for me to remember what is where. Like many aging boomers, i have trouble reading subtle distinctions between text and background, and my presbyopia increasnes daily.

    Changed icons, reordering or removal of over 15 years worth of bookmarks! It is not that the new features lack fine attributes ; I am unable to adjust.

    l will be looking for a service that makes its changes ubder the hood and allows me to set my choices when i want to.

    Thank you for the answers.

  • Sharon
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    7 years ago

    The isp you use has no bearing on what you do with Yahoo. That is all online, and your isp is what you use to connect to it.

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