How do I keep this foam electric fan-boat boat from sinking?

I've attempted to make a small electric fan-boat, around 9 cm wide, 32 cm long, powered by a 9 volt electric battery connected to an electric motor. The fan mechanism works fine, and the boat can keep itself floating. However, whenever I attempt to put on the battery while the boat is in the water, it tips over. Is there any way that I can modify the boat so that this does not happen?

The boat is made of all Styrofoam, with two cylinders holding up a square body. The fan, which is connected to the motor, is placed slightly elevated above the rest of the base of the boat with a small half circle stand, hot glued to it.

Any advice would be great. Thank you.

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  • 7 years ago
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    The center of gravity is too high. Cut a hole big enough for the battery, through the body of the boat(a plug). push it down making a well for the battery. Hot glue it so it doesn't leak water. you could just put the battery into a plastic bag and use calk to seal it where the wires come out. do not use vinegar smell calk around copper. Turn the boat over and shave off the plug so it doesn't drag in the water.

    You want the major part of the weight between the pontoons.

  • 7 years ago

    they battery is too hevey for the Styrofoam get better at balancing or make it from better materials.

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