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When will I get my stafford loan money?

I am not a new student, but am attending summer college. Now I was told that I get the pay supposedly half through the semester if I am a new student. But as I am entering semester 2 and not as a new student and with only 2 months, does anyone know how the loan reimbursement works for summer?

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  • PETA
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    6 years ago
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    Hi. Some posters have no life so they go answering any questions with dumb answers just to have something to do with their boring life. Just ignore those posts.

    Anyway, anyone who knows anything about college knows that what Stafford loan is.

    My daughter goes to a university and has 3 classes to go next semester and she will graduate with two degrees as she double majored. She also attends college courses every summer so I know the process.

    She fills out her FAFSA Jan 1 every year which will cover the spring, fall, and summer of that year. However in order to get the summer aid a short form needs to be filled out at her financial aid a few weeks before the summer classes start. She has 2 semesters in the summer. You will get separate financial aid for summer. It could be grants or loans depending on what you qualify for and what you have left over. My daughter gets her summer grants and loans she takes out right before she starts the summer course and it covers both summer semesters.

    For the spring and fall semesters. She gets those a couple weeks before the semesters start. On her college site she logs into it says when her disbursement dates are when she will get that money deposited into her account. Its usually a week after that when she gets her refund from that.

    I would suggest you call your financial aid office and ask them directly when you can expect your refund and how you will get it.

    • Joshua6 years agoReport

      Yours was the most comprehensive at least. And at least you know what you are talking about

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  • 6 years ago

    I don't know what state you are in, but I'm in IL. When I was going to school in the summer, I received my excess loan funds in late July. However, some schools may disburse funds approximately 8 weeks after the beginning of the quarter/semester, and some schools may disburse funds sooner. I have never had to wait no longer than 8 weeks for my Stafford excess loan funds. The MAP Grant takes the longest. I have waited as long as 3-4 months for my excess funds.

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  • ?
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    6 years ago

    Mr. Joshua, how on the plant do you expect anyone here to know about your personal condition? What is "stafford loan money?" Is "stafford" a bank, a loan institution, what exactly? From what I know, if this a a proper name, just like your name, Joshua, it must be capitalized. Joshua, there is a huge difference between "earth" and "Earth." Would you agree? To me just because you have a smartphone glued to your hand and face and cannot think completely does not meant you can text about anything and everything. You claim to be a student in some "summer college" thing. What is a "summer college?" I have never heard of a college that operates only in the summer months. What is "semester 2?" I have never heard of semesters being named with numbers only with fall and spring attached to the nomenclature. Sorry, Joshua, but you need to realize that your personal affairs are always and exclusively resolved by addressing the people or school reps, or whomever you are dealing with, directly. Asking third parties is just foolish. We have no clue. As to your English grammar is concerned. We go by your words. From the "I am not a new student, but I am attending summer college," a rather mysterious group of words that supposedly explain your situation, on forward, this is not clear by any standards. Actually, correction, from the "stafford loan money" on forward, this is all very confusing. Please, do yourself a huge favor, do not just reach for the smartphone as if it were an "oracle" that knows all. This makes you brain rather lazy. You might as as be asking us when Bill is going to pay you back the $20 you loaned him last September. This makes no sense to me, Joshua.

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    • Joshua6 years agoReport

      And for a further note, your trolling is neither appreciated or amusing. Think about how you wish to troll someone before you decide to show "your" ignorance on your "smartphone." Just because you can type on one doesn't mean you should try and answer a question you have no experience or brains on

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