P.5 grammar 5B P.27~28

P.5 grammar 5B P.27~28


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    p5 grammar 5B p27-28 tense Fast:-

    Tense adj:-(of a situation, an event, a period of time,etc.)in which people have strong feelings such as worry,anger,etc.can't be expressed!! eg:-I spent a tense few weeks--months waiting for the results DSE.The atmosphere in the Sc.meeting Hall was getting more and more tense.A female massage will relax the tense muscles

    Tense noun:--(grammar)showing the time of the action or state expressed by the verb:-the PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE Tense.eg:-Winnie is writing down the answers now.

    Tense verb:-If you tense your muscles, or your muscles tense, they become tight and stiff,you're NOT relaxed;tense yourself up=She tensed her muscles hoping of the blow outside Tuen Mun Park ! She tensed herself,listening to see if anyone had followed her. Her muscles tensed up as she got ready to run from the thief. She tensed, hearing the strange noise again! She gets tensed up !

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