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What has Australia done?

In my American history textbook it literally never even once mentions Australia; so I'm curious about their achievements and battles and such.

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    1838 - Australia invents pre-paid postage

    1856 - Australia develops and uses the secret ballot voting system now in use the world over.

    1880-1885 - The dingo fence built. 5614 km long. Twice as long as the great wall of China.

    1885 - participated in the campaign in the Sudan

    1889 - Arthur Arnot patents the worlds first electric drill in Melbourne.

    1894 - Australian Laurence Hargreaves discovers the principles of powered flight, 10 years before the Wright brothers made their first flight.

    1899-1902 - participated in the 2nd Boer War in South Africa

    1900-1901 - participated in subduing the Boxer Rebellion in China

    1900 - Australia develops the "Australian Crawl" method of swimming freestyle. This is the overarm stroke commonly used in swimming events worldwide today.

    1906 - Australia makes the world's first feature film: The Story of the Kelly Gang.

    1914-1918 participated in WWI: New Guinea, Gallipoli, Egypt, Palestine and on the Western Front at Amiens and the Somme . 64 Australians are awarded the Victoria cross during this war.

    1918-1919 - assisted with allied effort in response to the Russian Civil War

    1918 - Australia's military commander ,Sir John Monash, effectively ends World War I by developing and using tactics to break the Hindenburg line.

    1939-1945 - participated in WWII: Europe, Middle East (Tobruk, Benghazi), Asia and the Pacific (battle of the Coral Sea), Papua New Guinea (Kokoda),

    1950-1953 - participated in the Korean War

    1950-1960 - participated in the Malayan Emergency

    1962-1973 - participated in the Vietnam war

    1962-1966 - participated in the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation

    1973 - Sydney Opera House, the world famous icon, completed

    1979 - Professor Graeme Clark invents the Bionic Ear in Melbourne

    1983 - won the America's cup after a century of American domination.

    1984 - The worlds first frozen embryo baby is born in Melbourne.

    1988 - Australia changes its currency to polymer (plastic) dollar bills.

    1990s - Uniloc software protection developed. This is where a program is unlocked using an activation key.

    1991 - participated in the Persian Gulf war

    1999 - Liberated East Timor (along with an international task force)

    1996 - Dr John O'Sullivan invents and patents Wifi for internet use.

    2000 - Sydney Olympics: still the best ever done.

    2001-present - participating in the Afghanistan war

    2003-2011 participated in the invasion of Iraq and later peace keeping activities.

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    Battles? Australians had been fighting WW1 in Europe for three years before the Americans condescended to turn up. We fought in WWII in Europe from 1939, two years before the Americans were involved. We then moved to the war in the Pacific after Pearl Harbour and stopped the southern progress of the Japanese in New Guinea. General Douglas Macarthur operated out of Townsville after he was forced to retreat from the Philippines and the Battle of the Coral Sea was fought off the Australian Coast. We were in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan supporting the Americans.

    But then the USA makes a movie called "Saving Private Ryan" about D-Day and the only troops/planes/ships mentioned were American. The Brits, the Aussies, the South Africans, the New Zealanders, the Poles, the French, the Norwegians and all the rest of the allied forces who fought that day might as well not have bothered.

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    Here are just some of the world changing inventions and discoveries from Australia that you may have heard of. There are more on the links provided.

    Black box flight recorder

    Electronic pacemaker

    Google Maps

    Cochlear implant (bionic ear)

    Electric drill

    Wi-fi technology

    Ultrasound scanner

    Aircraft Inflatable escape slide and raft

    The Combine Harvester

    The 'Diff' (differential gears)

    Variable Ratio Rack & Pinion Steering

    The Two Stroke Lawn Mower

    Latex Gloves

    The notepad

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    Wow. I continuously defend Americans against the "dumb and ignorant" stereotype, but now it seems I am wasting my breath.

    Ask one of your Marines who served in Afghanistan or Iraq what he thinks of Aussies. I can guarantee you he'll wax lyrical about how our SAS are the best in the world. The 617 RAF Squadron of WW2, more commonly known as the famous Dambusters, recruited only the best crews - and most of 617 was Australian. The best pilot of WW2, Mickey Martin, was Australian.

    Black boxes, penicillin, vaccinations, were all invented by Australians. Our national airline Qantas is the only airline to have a perfect safety record with not a single death (conversely, American Airlines and dozens of other American airways seem rather over-represented on Air Crash Investigations).

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    an australian invented penacilin

    unlike the usa we joined the free world in fighting hitler while americans were too afriad

    unlke the usa in ww1 we were there from the start

    unlike americans in ww2 first time we met the germans in battle we didnt throw down our weapons and run

    we discovered the real cause of ulcers , it isnt stress and worry

    we also discovered a vacine for for cervix cancer which reduces cancer starting by 90% every australian girl gets the immunisation for free in the usa you just let women die

    but most of all we invented a health system that works and doesnt let people die due to lack of wealth

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    When I went to school, we didn't learn about Australian history either. They do now. Here is some information which may help you understand a little more about our wonderful nation.

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    Well you are reading an"American History" textbook???

    Source(s): Adult Australian male.
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    Aahhh! The American education system! I just love it!

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