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Who is your favorite Supernatural supporting character and why?

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  • H.
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    6 years ago
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    I really liked Ash and I think he was underrated. He was extremely smart and was completely okay with dying for both Dean and Sam because he knew they were trying to save the world. He was hilarious as well. I also really liked Jo because she the most badass female character on the show. She could take of herself and didn't need another guy to protect her.

    Of course I love Castiel as well, but he's actually considered a main character on the show even though he was in less than half of season 9.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I like Castiel but there was a time he had a main role on the show. Him & Bobby, the way that their both there for Sam & Dean. Without Cas & Bobby they really wouldn't have made this far.

    Not only that but also how the actors themselves play their role. The actors don't just play 1 single role throughout the show, they have to change their characters & act completely different than how we normally see them.

    Like when Cas was working with Crowley to become god & how he was becoming more self absorbed. Stuff like that is what makes not only a good actor but a supporting one as well & helps the show continue to live on.

  • Lilith
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    6 years ago

    Gabriel - I adore his character and was so glad to have him in an episode this season. I hope he returns again. I just like how funny he is and how he uses his powers to kill d(i)cks. Well he is the angel of judgement after all.

    Crowley - he makes being evil so sexy and humorous. I know that Sam and Dean are supposed to kill him but he makes things so entertaining. And he is helpful on occasion. At least when it suits him.

  • Mona
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    6 years ago

    I liked Balthazar - a charming angel out to have a good time - enough said :)

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