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Obama called YouTube told them about their incendiary video. Issa spilled beans, cat's out; Benghazi is NO scandal after all.Ain't that so?

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    The relatively short-lived but intense burst of violence by militant well-armed Qadafi (Khaddafy) loyalists in Benghazi, Libya on the 2011 anniversary date of the Bush/Cheney-allowed 9/11 attack was just one of multiple bursts of violence against diplomatic sites in the volatile Middle East that were indeed related to the GOP's deliberate release in an election year of an inflammatory and blasphemous Heritage Foundation/The Family-endorsed video created to cause unrest as the GOP's "October Surprise" to influence an American election (an effort to "sabotage" President Obama's foreign policy credentials). The White House, we now know, contacted YouTube, concerned that the GOP's video might incite violence, and they wanted to find out if the Benghazi violence was related.

    If the twice-indicted (as a FELON) and arsonist Darrell Issa (R-CA) can be shown as a partisan political hack he has been, the American people just might begin to wonder why Issa or any other House Republican failed to call any hearings whatsoever for the 64 attacks on U.S. diplomatic sites during the Republican Party's totalitarian years of control in both House and Senate as well as the Bush/Cheney White House. Hearings for the THREE ATTACKS on the SAME EMBASSY in Karachi, Pakistan on the GOP's watch should most certainly have been held---especially if the supposed "purpose" of such hearings it to uncover ways of PREVENTING such attacks! Guess what excuse the hypocritical rightwing Republicans gave the media for NOT holding any hearings for any of the far-more-lethal attacks during their 2001 through to 2007 control of all there branches of government: "We refuse to undermine a sitting Commander-In-Chief when our U.S. troops are in harm's way on the battlefield." President Obama is a sitting Commander-In-Chief democratically elected by a landslide for two terms, and our U.S. troops remain "in harm's way" in Afghanistan (or elsewhere around the world, if one wishes to be precise) what exactly changed for these Republicans?

    Three attacks (out of the 64 on GOP watch): June 14, 2002, Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan...a suicide bomber kills 12, injures 51 (no GOP-held hearings in Congress); February 28, 2003 (less than a year later), gunman kills two Consulate guards at the Karachi, Pakistan Consulate (again, no Congressional hearings by GOP); March 2, 2006, car bomber killed 4 at the Karachi, Pakistan Consulate, including the U.S. Diplomat who was the target for the assailant!...and still no hearing by the GOP.

    Ambassador Chris Stephens inhaled toxic (cyanide) fumes from a gasoline fire in Benghazi and was found by villagers still breathing but unconscious, so these pro-U.S. Libyans carried the Ambassador to the local hospital trying to save his life. These same Libyan villagers than returned to stand before the news cameras with PRO-AMERICAN handmade signs, apologizing for the attack, telling us "We are sorry America" and "This is not what Islam is about" plus "We love Ambassador Stevens"...(see the footage from a live broadcast on "The Rachel Maddow Show" the night of the attack). Issa has not once shown this pro-American aftermath. The other three killed were CIA OPERATIVES (Navy SEALS whose job was under the JURISDICTION of the CIA and then-CIA Director David Petraeus, who was caught up in his personal (extramarital) scandals from dipping his wayward "pen" into biographer Broadwell's "ink" and then trying to avert a CAT FIGHT between Broadwell and Jill Kelley, another of his piccadillos in Florida. Why doesn't Issa call on fellow Republican Petraeus (the guy in charge of security for his CIA outpost in Benghazi) instead of issuing a subpoena for Democrat and former Senator John Kerry who is now our nation's Secretary of State---a post to which he was appointed long after the Benghazi attack? These hearings are TRIPE...purely PARTISAN...and a total WASTE OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS by the rightwing Republicans!

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    Blaming the YouTube video while the attack was still under way just proves the White House was even more confused that we thought.

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    So Issa is looking at and considering all the facts.. Big news story.

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    Only to those fanatics who blindly insist that Obama and his henchmen are infallible can talk themselves into viewing Benghazi as nothing more than a random attack on our facilities there by wandering protesters.

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