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    文化:Japanese culture is the culture of things Japanese formation. Japan's unique geography and history, gave birth to the unique Japanese culture.

    著名景點:1 Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland, the first Disney joy kingdom stronghold located outside the United States

    食物:Kaiseki,Noodles,Sushi fish

    氣候:Japan's climate with four distinct seasons, each season has its own attraction. The best tourist season in spring and autumn.

    藝術:Japanese art has a long history dating back to 1000 BC. A wide range of Japanese art, from ancient pottery, sculpture to contemporary comics and cartoons are covered.

    體育:Japan's most popular sport is not the most famous sumo

    But professional baseball

    According to Japan's central investigation agency findings show the last 3 years

    Favorite professional sports ratio (%) as follows

    Professional sports 200820072006

    Baseball 48.8 51.1 53.7

    Football 21.8 22.8 23.6

    Sumo 19.3 18.3 21.2

    Golf 16.3 14.4 13.4

    Fist Shock 8.9 9.3 10.1

    Racing 7.9 8.1 7.1

    Wrestling 4.8 6.0 5.9

    Baseball's popularity declined year by year, has fallen below 50%

    Football also declined year by year, is only about 2 percent

    Sumo is below 2 percent, Sumo spate of scandals last year, more like sumo wrestlers clothes doping was fired, and the young wrestlers were slaughtered, etc.

    The popularity of golf has risen every year in recent years out of the young players born in Okinawa Ai Miyazato (23 years old) scores well into the world, born in Saitama Ishikawa (17 years old) is also very famous.

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