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Anonymous asked in 旅遊亞太地區台灣 · 6 years ago



1. 奮起湖~鐵道、懷舊、美食


2. 梨山風景區位於臺中市和平區,面積約31,300公頃,位於中橫公路西段,也是臺灣中部東西往來的交通樞紐。轄區主要可分為「谷關」及「梨山」兩大遊憩系統,由谷關到梨山,海拔一路從500公尺攀升至2,000公尺以上,沿線山巒起伏、高山綿延,登高可眺望群峰、欣賞雲海。

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    Fenqihu~Remembers past times the railroad、Remembers past times the custom environment、Lofty food聞名遐邇的奮起湖,不僅有著名的便當、愛玉等美食;喜歡接近大自然的您,更可於環村步道與四方竹林、柳杉林、冬螢等美景、生態邂逅。雖不在好行路線,仍可藉石棹轉運系統,造訪這有故事的山中小城。

    Known far and wide Fenqihu, not only has famous good food and so on lunch, love jade; Likes the close nature you, may Yu Huancun beautiful scenes, the ecology and so on footpath and square bamboo grove, cryptomeria forest, winter firefly meet unexpectedly.Although in the good good route, still could not the affiliation stone zhao transportation system, visit this to have the story mountain mid to small townships.

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  • 6 years ago

    2. 梨山風景區位於臺中市和平區,面積約31,300公頃,位於中橫公路西段,也是臺灣中部東西往來的交通樞紐。轄區主要可分為「谷關」及「梨山」兩大遊憩系統,由谷關到梨山,海拔一路從500公尺攀升至2,000公尺以上,沿線山巒起伏、高山綿延,登高可眺望群峰、欣賞雲海。

    Lishan Scenic Area is located in Heping District, Taichung City, an area of about 31,300 hectares, located in the western section of the highway is the central transportation hub between Taiwan stuff. Area can be divided into "Valley Off" and "Lishan" two recreation system off from the valley to Lishan, all the way from 500 meters above sea level to rise to 2,000 meters or more, along hills, mountains stretch, climb overlooking group peak, enjoy the clouds.

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