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Has it ever occured to people that Canada is better off simply because it enforces its immigration policies?

""Canada has immigration laws and unlike the US... it enforces them. Your average American has no hope of qualifying for permanent residency in Canada. In order to apply, must meet specific requirements such as: marrying a Canadian willing to sponsor you; having a skilled job offer in specific professions and then complete based on age, education, work experience, English and French language testing, etc. for a limited number of positions; completing certain university degrees in Canada and then finding a skilled job offer; a valid refugee claim (Americans cannot apply); have a net worth of $1.6M and invest $800k in Canada; being nominated by one of the provinces (doctor willing to work in a remote community, buy and run a farm in some provinces, world class performing artist, etc.); etc. Except for marriage, all categories have strict quotas. You must pass medical, background, and financial checks. The process takes three or more years in most categories.

Less than 10,000 Americans gain permanent residency in Canada yearly. 70% of these are through family sponsorships -- they marry a Canadian or are a dependant child of someone who does so. Of the rest, you are only talking about 1,000 top doctors, engineers, nurses, skilled trades workers, investors, etc. plus their families. Any American likely to qualify for permanent residency in Canada would already have an extremely high paying job, years of work experience, massive amounts of savings, etc.""

- bw022

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  • bw022
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    7 years ago
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    Canada actually accepts more legal immigrants per capita (around 250,000 per year out of a population of 35 million vs. 1.2 million out of 305 million). Of course Canada has a lower birth rate can absorb slightly higher rates -- although this is debated. Both countries has similar immigration laws and requirements (family, investors, job offer, lottery (refugees), etc.) The difference is that the US has nearly 1.1 million illegals arriving per year and between 10 to 12 million (nearly 3.9% of the population) are illegal. Canada only has an estimate 40,000 to 60,000 illegals.

    Illegal immigration obviously causes massive problems in the US which Canada simply doesn't have. Nearly 25% of the US prison population are illegals. Massive money is spent by the USCIS in arresting, and (often repeatedly) deporting illegals. It means you have millions of workers working under-the table. It means massive amounts of fraud on birth certificates, driver's licenses, stolen social security numbers, ID theft, school fraud, etc. It means large numbers of unskilled and illiterate people. It means large numbers of people enter the country without medical, financial, and background checks -- meaning large numbers of criminals. It means wages are driving down for entry-level positions. It means there is a culture among many Americans (companies and individuals) to hire illegals in order to safe money on child care, construction costs, cooks, etc.

    Canada doesn't have most those problems. It enforces its immigration laws through social, medical, taxation, and education policies. Without a valid social insurance number, it is almost impossible to work in Canada. Almost no one will hire people under the table and Canada Revenue Agency verifies SINs prior to your first pay check. It is also impossible to get a driver's license, enroll children in school, get health insurance, open a bank account, etc. Almost all illegals in Canada are hiding in friends or relatives basements and will likely eventually be caught. The vast majority of illegals entering Canada simply leave once they find out they can't work within a SIN or rent an apartment without a bank account and ID. This is why virtually none of the 10 to 12 million illegals in the US have found their way into Canada. Meanwhile you have US states passing laws making it illegal to check for proof of citizenship when enrolling in publically funded universities.

    Canadians simply are more law abiding. They don't accept people. They turn them in. Most illegal immigrants in Canada went through a long and tough process to qualify to get into Canada and are among the most vocal groups for opposing illegals.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Actually, Americans and Canadian with certain university degrees are free to work in either country. Look up "TN Visa". This Canadian worked in LA for 10 years under the program. My Canadian daughter finally stayed in the USA and got her green card last year. But I know a number of Americans working here in Vancouver under the same program.

    Our issue is that very few qualified Americans apply for Canadian permanent residence. Sure we could get a million a year if we let in poor and uneducated Americans who are looking to get cheap medical coverage. But of the skilled ones, we like to live where it is warm and the US got a better deal on climate.

    We have canceled the investor visa program in Canada as too many Asian immigrants have abused the programs.

    As far as the US goes, most illegals in the US, and I have known several, are there by over staying a legal tourist visa. And the business owners love having them because they hold down US wages. You may have noticed it is the GOP that has been keeping immigration reform from being passed. And that under Obama there have been way more deportations of illegals that under Bush.

    By the way I live in a part of greater Vancouver that has turned into little Korea. I am a minority now in this area and that is the way it is. We no longer have enough children to pay our future taxes and since too few Europeans or Americans want to move here, we bring in Asians.

  • 7 years ago

    One aspect of fascism is to blame some foreign/alien entity for one's problems, the Nazis blamed the Jews. I'm not saying you are a fascist or anything like that, it's just an interesting fact I would like to share with you.

  • 7 years ago

    Mexico controls its southern border better than the USA does. Think we should do like wise.

  • Raine
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    7 years ago

    Looks like @Chuckles covered this question quite well.

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