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John Lennon and George Harrison vs Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson?

Who was the biggest loss to a band?

John Lennon and George Harrison of The Beatles or

Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys

I don't get how The Beach Boys did an reunion, a tour and a new album in 2012 yet Beatles cant reunite?

I mean they were both formed around early 60s

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    I'd have to go with the Wilsons on this, but here's why.

    By the time John Lennon and George Harrison died, The Beatles had been defunct for more than 10 years (Lennon died in 1980). Which means, they weren't a loss to The Beatles. In 1980, there was no Beatles.

    This question doesn't really make any sense. How the hell could the Beatles reunite, when 2 of the 4 members are dead? To carry the point further, the 2012 version of The Beach Boys wasn't really The Beach Boys. Just like that crap band that Axl Rose is calling "Guns N Roses" nowadays isn't really Guns N Roses. McCartney and Starr could do something similar, but thank goodness they haven't.

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    Sometimes, I wonder what planet people are on. So far as I am aware, Lennon and Harrison weren't in any bands when they died, unless you count The Travelling Wilburys (Harrison) and any backing band Lennon might have had at the time.

    This is maybe going to come as a shock, but The Beatles split up decades ago so Lennon and Harrison were no "loss" to them at all.

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