Issues in Ukraine?

Can someone explain what is going in Ukraine from the very beginning all the way up to now?

Who, what, why?

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    7 years ago
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    its a proxy war in Ukraine between US EU IMF UN NATO and Russia / Putin

    US EU IMF wanted to take Ukraine - Russia's ally - away from Putins Russian federation

    US EU IMF NATO wanted Ukraine to join EU

    Putin was happy to go along with a 3 way agreement - Russia EU Ukraine - but US EU said no

    when Yanakoyvch the elected leader of Ukraine rejected EUs crappy deal - it all turned nasty

    US EU employed violent Neo Nazis to bring down Yanackovch and seize power

    US neo con Victoria Nuland organised the coup - even after her fiasco balls up in Benghazi

    her friends have helped themselves to Ukraine gold reserves and are carving up the assets of Ukraine which has very successful agricultural businesses

    US EU IMF are pro New World Order - that's a one world government and the people enslaved by Communism - run by Jewish Zionists

    Ukraine is run by Jews now and they are imposing marshall law

    the people of the Crimea region of Ukraine early in the conflict quickly voted to rejoin Russia - because they didn't want the chaos and carnage they saw in Kiev - Putin agreed to this and there was much celebration but Washington will not recognise this union even though they always seem to praise self determination when it suits them

    lastly Putin has kicked out Rothschild's Central Banking scam and that's why US EU IMF UN NATO want to bring him down

    they are scared other countries will do the same

  • Kini
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    7 years ago

    Last November Ukraine's President who was of Russian descent turned down a trade deal with the EU because it was contingent on not signing any deal with Russia. Russia offered more money than the EU.

    Far-right nationalists in Ukraine protested in Maidan, then rioted, then took over the government, raided the police arsenal and the President fled, they murdered people in the streets. Now there is a civil war. The government of Ukraine is not legitimate, was not elected, is anti-Jewish and anti-Russian.

    The east and south of Ukraine tried to hold a referendum to get recognition by Kiev by they rejected the results backed by the U.S. So because Kiev wont give the east and south their civil rights, the next step is for some regions to ask Russia to annex them but it is a difficult awkward situation. If Kiev recognized the Donbass region and accorded them equal rights with the rest of Ukraine, no one would resort to independence.

    The Kiev government is not recognized by the east and south who have they been protesting and dissenting and occupying government buildings. They have their own civilian defense guard and defend themselves against the Ukraine military, their own countrymen who are trying to kill them under orders from Kiev.

  • 7 years ago

    Eastern Ukraine wants to be part of Russia.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ukraine, along with Russia and several other Eastern European nations, were formerly part of the Soviet Union (USSR). The Soviet Union was a sovereign state from 1922-1991 that was ruled by one party -- the Communist Party. The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 with the fall of Communism. At that time, Ukraine became its own sovereign state separate from Russia and other former Soviet Union places like Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

    Many of those living in today's sovereign Ukraine are ethnically Russian. A geographically strategic part of Ukraine is the area called Crimea where the Crimean Penisula is located on the Black Sea. Crimea has long been coveted by Russia because it offers a warm-water seaport that Russia lacks. Russia has recently taken over Crimea with little resistance due to the ethnic Russians in Ukraine who support the takeover. Now there are suggestions that Russia will try to take more of Ukraine. Those who are not ethnically Russian in Ukraine are putting up a fight.

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  • 7 years ago

    Google is your friend.

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