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What would cause Mark Cuban to cross the street when a young black male in a hoody is approaching him?

don't you agree that you should walk into all neighborhoods color blind and treat everyone equal?

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    Sorry. There are places I don't go. I value my health! Not everyone does.

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    Color blind? Okay, sure.

    Blind? no so much.

    The entire point of Mark Cuban's comment was to stress that these types of reactions have less to do with race and everything to do with culture. People who dress and present themselves like thugs, black or white, do so because the aim is to appear intimidating. No one should complain when the aim has it's desired effect.

    BTW, to acknowledge that there are, for instance, certain neighborhoods it would be unwise to venture into does not make once a racist. It makes them sensible.

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    Common Sense. Think, if someone covers their face in an area where an attack COULD occur, a normal person will minimize that risk. Especially if the potential attacker is dressed in a way that is common with gangs, burglars, bank robbers (or the totally mental white guy known as the Una-Bomber). Cuban did not say all black males in hoodies always cause him to flee. He also said the white guys with certain types of tattoos might cause him to react. The craziest, but true example, of how common sense is different from racism comes from young, caucasian acquaintance of mine. He saw two dark skinned guys in hoodies as he was walking home. In his words he was not going to be an racist "a**hole" and profile them. He just treated them like any other persons. Bad idea. Shortly afterwards they held him at gunpoint, robbed him and stole his car. It was not smart of him ignore two folks (regardless of race) who wore clothing that hid their identity in a place that did not offer inherent protection.

  • Pete
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    He followed that by saying if he saw a bald headed white man with tattoos everywhere he would also cross the street. His reference was not to race it was to ideas we have within ourselves as to what we want to avoid. You have taken one sentence of a very complete assessment of the human condition and are trying to make him sound like a racist. I encourage everyone to hear the entire statement before making any comments and then comment on the entire substance and not one sentence.

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  • 7 years ago

    Common sense. He doesn't wish to be mugged or worse killed.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I would avoid those neighborhood. There are some neighborhoods that home health care nurses get mugged....................

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    people have the right to do and think what they want

    why is everything about racism with liberals

    why cant we say what we want??..

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