Im in kuja dasa last one year,jobless for six months, is dasa very bad - dob 6.9.72 time 3.20pm, place cochin?

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    Kuja Dasa (Mars)

    At this juncture, you will be a man who is capable of winning over or destroying any obstacle in your path. You will progress in your career or business. Animals and birds will play an important part in your life and bring you happiness. You may, however, have to witness arguments and fights between members of your family. If you are married, you may have to face temptations outside the marriage. Remember to focus on that which is most important to you.

    You are advised to increase your fire and accident insurance, as well as prepare to prevent such accidents. If you feel unwell,

    consult a doctor soon. In general, you will experience happiness and fulfilment of your desires.In your case, Mars is strongly positioned; therefore, you can expect good effects.

    You may gain from your brothers or by favors of those in authority. You may be involved in the army, or forced to

    bear arms. You will improve your financial status. You may acquire land, gold, copper or jewellery. You may travel to

    the south and earn money due to such travel. You will be healthy, pleasant and optimistic. You feel stronger and more energetic. You are also more daring and persistent. Since Mars is positioned together with Mercury in your chart, it can also cause problems also during this period. There can be problems connected with health. You should take care as you will be accident-prone during this time. Falls, broken limbs, wounds, etc. are all possible. You may experience urinary or blood related problems. Your will be prone to aggression and may begin serious quarrels with severe consequences. You will not do well in litigation.

     ( 23-08-2013 >> 11-09-2014 )

    During the sub-period of Rahu in the Mars dasa, you may be cheated by people whom you trust. Avoid using guns or

    fireworks, since these things are more dangerous now. If you feel unwell, you should seek medical attention immediately.

     ( 11-09-2014 >> 18-08-2015 )

    During the sub-period of Jupiter in the Mars dasa, you will be more inspired and imaginative. You will feel more optimistic. You may meet people of practical wisdom. However, you must be careful in your financial dealings since this will be a period of progress, and progress inevitably draws the attention of the IRS or the government.

     ( 18-08-2015 >> 25-09-2016 )

    During the sub-period of Saturn in the Mars dasa, you will be unnecessarily anxious and worried. You will anticipate all kinds of danger. If you keep calm, you will be able to face most of your worries.

     ( 25-09-2016 >> 23-09-2017 )

    Problems from thieves or swindlers are comparatively higher during the sub-period of Mercury in the Mars dasa. Be

    careful, but don't worry because you will not come out badly in the end. You might renovate or redecorate your home.

     ( 23-09-2017 >> 19-02-2018 )

    During the sub-period of Ketu in the Mars dasa, you are advised to use caution while handling electrical equipment.

    Buy or hire equipment that meets the most stringent guidelines. You must also avoid getting into debt. You may be

    prone to stomach trouble from erratic food habits, or as a result of eating out too much.

     ( 19-02-2018 >> 21-04-2019 )

    You will be more irritable during the sub-period of Venus in the Mars dasa. Stay away from guns, knives and any other

    weapons. You might decide to move out of the house, or move far from home. However, the situation at home need not

    necessarily be bad. You can expect progress in your profession or field of interest.

     ( 21-04-2019 >> 27-08-2019 )

    Due to a combination of circumstances, more responsibility will come to you during the sub-period of Sun in the Mars

    dasa. You may win awards. People who know you well may be jealous.

     ( 27-08-2019 >> 27-03-2020 )

    The sub-period of Moon in the Mars dasa is considered generally good. Your income will improve. You will establish

    good relationships with people who may have been estranged from you. You may get unexpected help. People in authority over you will express appreciation. You will enjoy the company of children.

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