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冰嵐 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

求英文作業短文翻譯 (急)



























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    7 years ago
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    A: Have you ever thought about what you would do if you run into a villain?

    B: Scream?

    A: Play dead?

    B: Use Supernatural powers?

    A: Hey only Superman or aliens can do that!

    B: How can you discriminate against the minority?

    A: Our product is sold to the majority normal people!

    B: Okay, fine. Then what do you think "normal people" can do to in an emergence?

    A: Well, as long as you have this bottle, the newest "pepper spray" everything will be OK!

    B: Oh~ What does it do?

    A: There are irritant substances in the spray that will make the villain smell a pungent smell that will cause them to choke. Then while the villain is choking, the victim will have time to escape or attack. Also, its very easy and quick to operate!

    B: It looks very powerful! How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

    A: You don't have to worry about that! It is definitely economical and affordable and is the best choice of gifts during New Years for brothers and sisters.

    B: Ah...Wouldn't it be strange as a gift?

    A: Hey, are you here to help promote the product or say bad things about it?

    B: Ok OK~ Anyway this product is not only cheap and useful, and its very easy to carry around. It allows you to feel safe whenever you are on your way to work or school! You can have it with you when you are on the toilet!

    A: Why would you need it when you are on the toilet?


    B:Umm...there might be villains in there!

    A: If you say it like that, then it does make sense~ Ok, this is a cheap and useful product that is worth NT$500. We sell them at half price NT$250, and its buy 5 get 1 free! Its such a good bargain!

    B: Yup, so if you are convinced, then quickly pick up your phone and dial our number! Old member's voicemails get a discount of NT$100!

    B:Wait, I don't think we've taught them how to use it! Come~ Ladies and Gentleman please look very closely! Firstly, you pull open this safety bolt and aim it at the villains face

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    A: Have you ever wondered how bad the strain encountered it?

    B: scream?

    A: play dead?

    B: Use super powers?

    A: I said, this is Superman or aliens just do it right!

    B: how can you discriminate against minorities it?

    A: Most of our products are sold to ordinary people ah

    B: Well, you say that "ordinary people" can have any contingency measures?

    A: As long as this bottle, the latest version of the "anti-wolf spray" is all done!

    B: Oh ~ it can Whatcha it?

    A: It's a spray contains irritating substances that can allow criminals pungent and spicy feeling of choking, you can gain time to escape and attack, and the operation is very quick and easy, oh!

    B: it seems very much like Siena price it will not be very expensive ah!??

    A:! Do not worry guaranteed to be economical and affordable holidays, give your brothers and sisters of Souvenir best choice!

    B: uh ... take this as a gift too strange, right?

    A: Hey, do you want to sell or to help Tucao?

    B: OK, OK - short this product it is not only cheap and easy to use, and very convenient to carry, can make you either go to work or school are with, let you feel at ease when super toilet can take, oh! !

    A: When the toilet with it doing?

    B: ah ... the toilet may pervert it!

    A: So it seems reasonable snore - good, cheap and easy to use product that the market price of 500 now, we only sell half a bottle of 250, and buy 5 get 1 Oh this is a bargain!!

    B: Yes, the heart, then you quickly make a call comes in and old members also play a voice off 100 Oh!!

    B: Yes, we seem to have not Teaching with how to use oh yeah viewers who look carefully first, first pull the safety catch, and then directly into the gangster's face ...!!

    A:! Hey Hey Do not spray it in front of me!


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