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which is healthier sushi or tomato soup?

for a diet

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    Diets, the way we eat, should have a variety of foods. If these both have good ingredients, then I would alternate them. Sushi can have fresh veggies too. I usually don't eat raw fish, but have enjoyed some good sushi with chilled shrimp or crab. Seaweed is packed with nutrition, about the highest natural source of iodine that is good for the thyroid, controlling our energy levels.

    Diets to lose weight usually don't work because when we reach our target weight, we typically start adding back the foods that made us heavy, instead of learning to replace cravings with healthy, yummy alternatives.

    The biggest issue for health and weight is fats; they are dense. However, we do need fat for health, especially for the brain and nervous system. A handful of nuts and seeds is a very good source.

    Olive Oil Is Not Healthy - Michael Klaper MD, not friendly to arteries. 120 calories/tbsp. 4,000 calories/lb. Greeks are fat, 55% of it from olives. Poor omega 6 to 3 ratio, 14:1, goal is 4:1; 14% saturated fat, goal 7%. Stir fry in seasoned veggie broth. Dressings: veggies, apples, citrus, avocados, nuts

    The thing to mainly control after you have the fat handled per se, is carbs. These can be controlled more simply by eating mostly organic, low sugar veggies. It is hard to eat too many of them. Find your favorite finger veggies, have these with a good whole grain bread or other complex carb. Fix lots of healthy cabbage-based salads, Greek salads, green-leaf salads with fresh lemon juice vinaigrettes & minced garlic.

    Limit sugar to a piece of fruit a day, even this is not needed. Carbs are broken down to sugar for energy. Most of our issues come from salt, refined sugar, and processed fats. 1/2tsp of salt per day is about all that most of us need. Skip all the store drinks, they are mostly dairy or refined sugar or worse. Research the worst foods and candida.

    Exposing the Bitter Truth About Sugar and America's Obesity Problem

    Nutritional sweeteners: date sugar (dried dates), molasses (unsulfured blackstrap is better, but refined from sugarcane or sugar beets)

    Sweeteners healthier than refined sugar: local honey, stevia, pure maple syrup, brown rice syrup.

    Avoid refined flours, especially dwarf wheat. Book: Wheat Belly. Complex carbs: organic brown rice, quinoa, oats, teff. Alkalize your body. Research electrolytes and Walter Last.

    Walter Last: Research Chemist, Biochemist, Toxicologist, Practicing Nutritionist, Natural Therapist.

    Books: Heal Yourself, Healing Foods, The Natural Way To Heal - 65 Ways to Create Superior Health, Self Help Cancer Cure.

    Dr Mark Hyman, MD,

    LaZelle Bradley: New Century Nutrition Corp President, Bachelor of Science specializing in nutrition and gluten intolerance

    Lots of confusion about protein...the nitrogen balance in our bodies. Our bodies build protein from amino acids. Eight of the 20 are "essential" because our bodies do not produce them. These 8 are readily available in veggies, rice, potatoes, corn, beans, spinach.

    Then reduce stress and sweat every day possible. Take a good hot, detox bath with baking soda, Epson salts, hydrogen peroxide, and optional oils and fragrances.

    Hope this helps, inspite of the simple question. ;)

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    Tomato soup. It has more vitamins than sushi, and in most cases it's "safer."

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    Tomato soup.

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    Sushi. Or better yet, sashimi.

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