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Projected NBA Draft?

So here's the way I put my top 10, answer this to argue it !!!!!!

1. Cleveland - Jabari Parker (Duke)

2. Milwaukee- Joel Embiid (Kansas)

3. Philadelphia- Andrew Wiggins (Kansas)

4. Orlando- Julius Randle (Kentucky)

5. Utah- Aaron Gordon (Arizona)

6. Boston- Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

7. LA Lakers- Dante Exum (Australia)

8. Sacramento- Marcus Smart (Oklahoma St.)

9. Charlotte- Doug McDermott (Creighton)

10.Philadelphia- Gary Harris (Michigan St.)

I wanna see some arguments cause you know I'm right:)

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    I like your picks and it's pretty solid, but here's my mock draft and reasons...

    1) Cleveland - Joel Embiid, Kansas

    The Cavs could go for Wiggins or Parker to replace Luol Deng right away, but a skilled 7-footer like Embiid doesn't come along too often. His stress fracture on his back is a question mark, but if it checks out alright, then Embiid is the player the Cavs want. His game is expanding on both sides of the floor, considering that he only started playing basketball 3 years ago and seeing how Roy Hibbert is the only skilled big man in the East, Embiid is not that far off talent-wise. Anderson Varajao, the team starting center, has a team option for $9 million, an option they can decline to make an extension for Kyrie Irving this offseason for 5 years.

    2) Milwaukee - Jabari Parker, Duke

    The Bucks know that there in trouble when Larry Sanders is going to be your highest paid player on the team next season, so getting an NBA-ready star like Parker is needed to fill the seats right away. They might be lottery-bound again next year, but Parker should be exciting to watch in a Bucks uniform.

    3) Philadelphia - Andrew Wiggins, Kansas

    4) Orlando - Dante Exum, Australia

    The Magic needs help on every aspect of the team, so where to start? Their leading scorer, Arron Affalo, is always on the trading block and Jameer Nelson is on his last breath as a starting PG. There future relies on Victor Oladipo and Nikola Vucevic, which is why Exum could be the answer to changing the franchise around. Sure, a PF is sorely needed, but Exum is a rare international player that could play PG for his height (6'6) and it's hard to pass on a player when he's being compared to another Orlando great, Penny Hardaway.

    5) Utah - Noah Vonleh, Indiana

    This is all about building depth, as Utah seems to be set on their lineup if Gordon Hayward resign. A player like Vonleh could help out the bench, as he can play both forward position for Hayward and Derrick Favors and could be a match up nightmare if the three can play on-court together down the stretch.

    6) Boston - Julius Randle, Kentucky

    The Celtics are at stage 2 of their rebuilding process and it doesn't get easier, knowing that they have a questionable future and a murky roster. A player like Julius Randle is as consistent as any college player can get, surpassing DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis for most double-double in a season at Kentucky. Boston needs help and Randle is a start.

    7) LA Lakers - Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State

    Although it's not their ideal pick, the Lakers might have the easiest pick among the top-10, as they can pick what is left in a talented pool before the drop-off. Smart is a solid play maker that the Lakers need to build a future upon in a post-Kobe era and it seems that the Lakers nation seems to potentially embrace the idea of Smart in a Lakers uniform, because let face it, Steve Nash and Kendall Marshall is not the answer at PG.

    8) Sacramento - Doug McDermott, Creighton

    DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, and Rudy Gay were the Kings leading scorer at 20 points a game each. The reason I bring that up is that they were the only three players to average more than 10 points per game for the Kings. That's one of the primary problems that the Kings had, which is scoring depth. Gay has an option to opt out of his contract and Thomas is also about to hit the market with a big pay raise. I see the Kings keeping Thomas for the foreseeable future, which means there a roster gap if Gay leaves. That's where McDermott comes in. The Creighton star is a pure shooter that can spread the floor on offense and can bail out anyone that are in trouble. Even though he's a liability on defense, the Kings need scoring quick and this McD can handle it.

    9) Charlotte - Aaron Gordon, Arizona

    The newly christen Hornets have to thank their lucky situation. Not only did they made the playoffs, but thanks to a stipulation on a Ben Gordon-Corey Maggette trade, the Hornets ended up getting the Pistons pick because the Pistons only protected the first 8 pick this year and luck would have it, it fell unprotected at number 9. The Hornets should use that on a freakish athlete that could impress Michael Jordan himself in Aaron Gordon. He might be undersize for a PF, but he makes that up for his hustle an athleticism that the team can build upon.

    10) Philadelphia - Gary Harris, Michigan St.

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      Did you just copy and paste this? Lol

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    No argument here.

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