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Need help coming up with a movie pitch.?

I've got this group project for US history and had to come up with a movie idea make a trailer a poster and pitch the idea to the teacher/class. My job was to come up with the pitches, there's four of us, so four sentences that get to the point and make someone want to see the movie. Needless to say I'm stuck and need some ideas, our movie is about a civil rights figure who was murdered because of his affiliation with African Americans his name is William Moore. If you can give me some ideas or just say what makes you want to see a movie that'd be a tremendous help!Thanks for any help!

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    Im gona give u the best idea Ive ever had for a movie. I dont allow you to make money off this. Now, prepare to be blown away though its hard to explain. this even has to do with history.p.s. might plan on using this.

    If you use this idea PLEASE send me a link to the trailer! id love to see it! send to or

    Setting: Late 1800s in Alabama. Mainly at a Cotton plantation or tobacco.

    To make it easier to explain ill add names to some characters

    Plantation owner: Mr. Stallok

    His 17 year old son: James

    Young female attractive teen slave: Tara

    Mixed ideas kinda:

    Mr.Stallok is, of course, horrible to his slaves. Unfortunately for him, his son james falls in love with one of the slaves,Tara. though his dad has taught him to be racist james saw the better way and refused to treat blacks poorly in a racist way. he HATES his father for what he does and what he IS. he often rebels against his father. {{{FLASHBACK:(an example of the kindness of james) James becomes very good friends with a young slave boy at the age of 8. On xmas or his b day, his only wish was to free the boy.}}}

    Usually, james has to go behind his dads back to secretly hang with tara. his father would BEAT the hell out of him if he knew he was a "****#r lover."

    MANY twists and outcomes are possible.

    A. james changes from the time he was a boy and freed his friend. you see, by now, james doesnt take pleasue in treating slaves like ****. the ONLY way he will get pleasure is by truely decieving Tara and TRICKING HER that he loved her, just to break her heart.

    B. His father finds out and KILLS Tara!

    C. his father finds them together, he beats him and her. they then run away. from there, the journeys are endless.

    D.Mr. stallok decides to sell/trade Tara! James has to stop him orrrrrrr james has to find her after she is sold.

    E.Afterrrrrr Tara and James are caught together and are beaten by his father, they plan to KILL him!

    extention of A: My personal favorite!! James SEEMS to be innocent and nice the whole movie based on what the filming shows.(Tara being the main character and revolving around only what she sees mainly) but James only can gain pleasure by purely devastating tara. you see, for James's 17th b day, HE actually CHOSE Tara to be bought at an auction, planning to devastate her and use her from the start. He makes a fake plan to help her escape and everything! he is innocent seeming the whole movie till a scene shows Tara spying on james and overhears HIM AND HIS FATHER teaming up and talking of plans to devastate her. James even acts as if he hates his father infront of her. Or she doesnt know until he runs away with her but leads her to a trap.

    Hope this atleast helped you!! took a long time to type! haha put it on youtube if u do it.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    keep clam and relax

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