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Bearing Spacers or Bones Reds bearings? Longboard Advice?

I have a Sector 9 Sprocket


-7 ply maple and fiberglass construction for extra strength and durability.

-Gullwing 10" Charger Reverse Trucks.

-drop through construction.

-Sector 9 72mm 75a Nineball wheels.

-Abec 5 PDP Bearings.

-1.0" Low Profile Hardened Steel Bolts.

-Full grip tape applied with die-cut logo.

-Length: 38.5".

-Width: 9.8".

-Wheelbase: 26".

My main priorities with me longboard are downhill, cruising and sliding. Currently, I do not have bearing spacers. I am trying to make the decision of whether to get bearing spacers or to buy Bones Reds bearings. My bearings have rust on them, but they function adequately. Should I buy bearing spacers, or new Bones Reds bearings?


My main priorities with *my longboard...

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  • 6 years ago

    Bones bearings are meant to last. I'd go ahead and get them so you have them rather than waiting for the old ones to wear out

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