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The Beach Boys: Brian Wilson vs Mike Love?

Who is better and why?

Mike Love annoys me tries to big himself up when in reality it was Brian Wilson who wrote basically everything Beach Boys did, produced every album and did most instruments like Guitar, piano, bass etc, I also think he has better voice than Love, like Surfer Girl, I Get Around, Wouldn't It Be Nice, Don't Worry Baby etc

I mean look at Pet Sounds the album, 13 songs, Brian wrote all 13, Love wrote 2 and then co written by Brian, Also Brian Wilson sang them all as well, I also like Carl Wilson to

So which Beach Boys feature mostly Brian Wilson on vocals?


Also seeing as Brian Wilson is who I believe to be the genius of the band and good vocals, would a Brian Wilson solo album be good, if so which?

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    I think that Brian Wilson is better.He had amazing talent, and never let fame become more important than the music. He also seems less selfish/arrogant than Mike. Brian had a great voice, and a wonderful talent for writing/arranging. He worked really hard with all of the studio people, and (although I'm sure it drove people crazy) strove for perfection on every song, every album.

    He does have a great voice, and he sings many of their songs! Try listening to "You're So Good to Me", "Let Him Run Wild", "Your Summer Dream", or "Car Crazy Cutie" for some lesser known songs with great leads by Brian! : )

    Unfortunately, Brian's voice is not what it used to be, but the solo albums I've heard are interesting at the very least. "Orange Crate Art" has some good songs on it. And "Brian Wilson Presents Smile" may not have the best sound, but it's worth a listen just because it's interesting.

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    Mike Love's nasally whine is arguably the voice of the early Beach Boys until Carl started singing more but apart form that he offered very little. Brian was the writer/arranger and singer on those classic albums, I'm personally a bigger fan of the post Pet Sounds stuff like 'Sunflower' and 'Holland' where Dennis and Carl were a bigger creative influence on the band.

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    Brian Wilson has had>>12>> Solo Albums! The first one was released in 1989!

    That Lucky Old Sun/Reimagines Gershwin and the Completed Smile are my favorites

    He has been in the studio on and off all this year recording a new cd ( with Jeff Beck on it)

    and He has performed at Hundreds of Solo Concerts with his Own band since the 90's

    Source(s): I have all the Solo cds/dvds and been to 6 of his Concerts with his Band- including a Smile live
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