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Professional Wrestling: How many times will commentary note that Willow is Jeff Hardy's Alter Ego during the Falls Count Anywhere match?

The Match has failure written all over it. I like how people are saying Magnus Vs Bram doesn't remind them of Bray Wyatt Vs John Cena. How, Bram trying to get Magnus to use the weapon to get DQ'ed wasn't like Bray Wyatt trying to get John Cena to use the steel chair. How Bram thinks Magnus needs to become the 'Real' Magnus, how Bray Wyatt wants to show the world the 'Real' John Cena. Coincidences don't occur that much, only in TNA.

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    Mike Tenay will make note of it more times than I will count.

    Magnus v.s Bram won't remind me of Bray vs. John Cena. Bram vs. Magnus is more like when Eddie Guerrero turned on Rey Mysterio in 2005.

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    The thing that I don't understand is why TNA has 2 accounts for him on their roster.

    And the Bram-Magnus storyline is waaaaaaaay different than Bray Wyatt-Cena Storyline

    Bram apparently is a childhood friend of Magnus and me went to TNA to make him straight and turned him heel by any means.

    Cena-Wyatt storyline is just about Cena not wanting to put over, but Bray and the Wyatts always kicked his a$$ before he can win.

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    6 years ago

    Dave for a guy who hates TNA so much you sure post alot of question's about it.

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    6 years ago

    im sorry but i would rather watch adam rose than willow, that gimmick is awful

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    6 years ago

    I agree

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