Can my brother co-sign on a parent plus loan for me? My brother is 21.?

I will like to attend school out of state, and of course, I will be charged the out of state tuition rate. The school is Wisconsin. Also, my dad lives there in Wisconsin and I am a dependent student of my father though I live in Mississippi. Also, my brother is 22.

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  • 7 years ago

    No. Parent Loan plus is only for your parents. Your dad has to sign it.

  • Rob
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    WORST mistake brother every does.

    if u can't afford to pay cash then - don't.

    go to college in what ever state u Resident.

    do not get SCAMMED by college names.

    employers do not hire u based on where u went.

    if dad is resident and u 'dependent' then that in most

    states make u resident.

    IF not, go live with Dad a year, work the times, save up money.

    after the year, attend community colleges for your A.S.

    after that transfer to state colleges.

    doing so will save u 10,000s$ in worthless fees/costs.

    going to state colleges while working 30hr/wks

    will allow u to not become a slave to college debts.

    understand every 10,000$ u borrow means u need

    to earn near 45,000 to pay it off.

    do not get scammed by colleges.

    a library has free education.

    Source(s): employer, seen your nightmares
  • Ashley
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    PARENT Plus Loan; extra emphasis is needed on the word parent apparently.

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