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i hate when people smile but also when they dont smile?

so liek you knwo when yoru buyign something and liek people smile at you and your like 'wtf why r you smiling at me your beign realy fake, i know you dont care abouyt me your just care about making moeny. but also when their really frowny like their mad at me for liek being in a shop and wanting soemthing its like ok its yoru actual job to be giving me a service here so liek wtf why are yuo giving me a deth stair? ia ctalluy find ti kind of upsetting like i never did anytihng to them why are they blaming me for their *beep* life?

ok so my point is i hate both when people in shops do smiel and also whn tehy dont... soooo why dont i liek one of them more liek why dont i perfer it when people smile to when they frown? idk if its somethign wrong with me or with them... do otehr people get this?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I know what you mean, in spite of your young generation text speak...

    I have days where if someone seems to be bemused by me, with a sort of bemused smile, I think 'what the f*ck are you smiling at?' LOL I know this is, well, wrong, but hey, human nature, innit

    Or the people who always have a s*8t eating grin plastered on their faces - I think to myself - how are you that effing happy all the time??

    Then there are miseries in retail who never smile and look grim and this also annoys me and I cannot stand silent customer service workers

    So yeah, I know what you mean aint nothing wrong with you least in this area, you are merely human - we can't win, can we?

  • 6 years ago

    Just take no notice and just be your self.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1. Urgently find yourself a dictionary and study it, study it hard.

    2. I have worked in a shop for 3 years and the fact that you do or don't like it when the staff smile Is nothing in comparison to the shlte we have to put up with regarding customers.

    3. You never know what kind of day/life someone is having, a customer once complained about a member of staff of mine because he was crying on the shop floor, just minutes after finding out his brother was killed in Afghanistan.

    4. Customers like yourself are scum of the Earth and you need to stop worrying about such pathetic things about whether or not we are smiling at you.

    5. Buy your shlt or get out.

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