Has there ever been secret wars in history?

Like wars unknown from the public? Hidden, but later on discovered or something?

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    Well, you can't hide an entire war unless you kill all the soldiers, winners AND losers.

    BUT, there have certainly been some interesting involvements that haven't seen much light of the day.

    My personal favorite is Wilson;s US invasion of Russia of about 5,000 United States Army troops from September 1918 through July 1919 during the Russian Civil War.

    In the 1850s we have the US / Mormon War.

    The Mormons has their own army, the Mormon Legion.

    So many lives were lost in this bloody mess President Buchanan's party lost the House and pretty much ended Buchanan's political career.

    The 1931 Texas - Oklahoma War where the Oklahoma Governor "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, showed up on the border with the entire Oklahoma National Guard armed with a revolver.

    The Walton War or North Carolina v. Georgia 1804-1818.

    [In 1971 they tried to restart the same war!]

    Nasty mess, people were killed, 25 Prisoners of War were taken.

    You GOTTA look this one up on Wiki - seriously.

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      Great answer. But the Americans were only part of the allied interventionist forces in Russia. Please do not write out the others in history.

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    None that the USA has been involved in they cannot keep a secret especially if they believe they won or were right

    Just because it is Not aught only means that Congress does Not want the people to Know the Truth

    everybody in Europe Knows that the USA helped the white Russians in about 1918/19 and Failed

    this was when Wilson Started the Cold war buy calling Communist leaders UGLY communists who cannot be trusted

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