I simply don't understand women :( why do i get dumped???!!!?

The last two relationships and a possible start for another relationship ended on a bad note that was out of my hands and i don't know what i'm doing wrong!!! One ex gf i had was the girl that until now i've loved the most but it ended really bad....i never cheated on her and she did on me out of a stupid reason...because he was more independent :( im like wtf of course he is more independent...he is 7 years older than you! He doesnt have a career and lives with other people in order for him to be able to pay the rent and dated a stripper and she dumped me for him! This other girl we've been talking for almost two years and after some time we gave it a go and everything went fine until her ex washed her thoughts and made her broke up with me :( and when she is dating her ex, she still talks to me as if we dated and the last girl said no to me because she is still in love with her ex that cheated on her multiple times and has a baby with another girl, doesnt work and does drugs?! Wtf am i doing wrong!!!???? I just go to the gym, work, do sports, and go to school i think im clearly missing something....

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Girls cant help who they fall in love with, it doesnt matter who or what they are or have done, you just need to find the girl who really falls in love with you and you're the one they always want to go back to! its not a case of what you're doing wrong, its what they are doing wrong, they are choosing guys that arnt right for them simply out of love or infatuation, they just cant help it, girls are dumb, you'll meet that girl one day and all this crap you went through will be worth the wait for the right one!

  • D
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    7 years ago

    It's definitely the type of girl you're going after, it's not you.

  • 7 years ago

    nothing it wrong with you, these girls sound crazy. you seem like a really lovley guy. sorry i couldnt help more xxx

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