Is it better to become a Nurse Anesthesist / Nurse Practitioner / Doctor of osteo. medicine / Podiatrist? Who makes more $ NAs or DOs?

Hi all. Currently I am a Nursing Student pursuing my BSN. My overall GPA is a 3.2, but will be about a 3.3 at the end of this semester. My science GPA for applying for DO school is a 3.4 but still can go up since I still have to take a lot more science classes.

For Podiatric school my Science gpa is a little lower, a 3.2 but again I have time.

I don't know if I should become a Nurse anesthesist / Family NP / or a DO / DPM. I know nurse anesthesists make like 150 - 180k or more with more experience. After I get my BSN. I will probably go for a DNP (doctor of nursing practice) become a Family NP, get 1 year of acute experience then go for Nurse anesthesia school.

However, I feel bad not trying to become a DO or a DPM, since I don't have terrible grades, I still have time to improve my grades. But if I become a DO, I probably won't become a specialist because I would probably get average - medium grades in Med school and only become a primary care / pediatrician that makes 180 - 200 k.

I guess what I am asking is who really makes more Nurse anesthesists or Primary care / pediatrician DOs? If They make about the same, it probably would be no purpose to become a DO, since I would make the same as a Nurse anesth. I just feel bad not trying to become a doctor, but some people say nurse anesthesia is better since You don't have to go to med school, you only need good grades, the GRE, and 1 year critical care / ICU experience. Which is really worth it in terms of $? Thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    To be perfectly blunt with you, forget about all of those and head to dentistry if this all about the money. 30 hour workweeks, 200K+ salaries that let you set your own hours, and a practice market with bottomless thriving practices ready for a transition make it a no brainer.

    Doctors are overworked, The ones that aren't are in absurdly competitive specialties

    Nurse Anesthetists are in a better spot $/hr than doctors, but not dentist levels.

    I know nothing of podiatry, too obscure of a field. I'd keep it as a backup.

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