What are your perceptions regarding following names?









Xena (or Zeena)





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    Klaus- Odd, don't like it. Even if I had the name, there's no nicknames besides Klaw, or Aussie.

    Micheal- No point in naming your kid this, I'd just go with regular Michael. I like the regular spelling of it.

    Lucifer- HELL NAWWWW. People will think your kid is a satan worshipper. Lucy or Lucia WAY better. I know this one is a joke.

    Muhammad- Great name. Most popular on earth, many nicknames.

    Vassily- I like it, sounds a bit feminine though. Reminds me of Vaseline.

    Hiroshi- I like this one too, but, again, sounds very feminine.

    Xena- LOVE THIS NAME. OH MY GOD I ADORE IT! Can't decide which spelling is better.

    Jessica- A bit valley-girl-ish, but if your kid ends up a tomboy you can call her Jess.

    Violet- Love this name, I love any names that are colors. Except for blue, yellow, red, or white. That would be kind of racist lmao.

    Elizabeth- UGHHHH I LOVE THIS NAME! There are endless nicknames for it! Lizzy, Liz, Elly, Eli, Lilly, Betty, Beth, Zabe, Eliza.

    Dorothy- Cheesy, old-fashioned. Sounds like something you'd name a doll.

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    Klaus - Sounds like a name from a book that no one actually has in real life

    Micheal - Very common name

    Lucifer - Satan

    Muhammad - Muhammad Ali

    Vassily - Is that a real name? Makes me think of Vaseline.

    Hiroshi - Japanese person


    Xena (or Zeena) - Warrior princess

    Jessica - The same name as about 50% of the girls in my age group. (only a slight exaggeration)

    Violet - Makes me think of a bunny for some reason

    Elizabeth - Middle name. Or a queen.

    Dorothy - It looks like we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

  • Dayana
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    6 years ago

    Klaus: Reminds me of Santa Claus, so no

    Micheal: Sounds like someone misspelled "Michael"

    Lucifer: I dont even have to explain it

    Muhammad: Its ok if you are arabic

    Vassily: Sounds like a joke

    Hiroshi: Sounds like "Hiroshima" without "ma"

    Xena: It actually sounds better as Zeena

    Jessica: Beautiful name

    Violet: Cool

    Elizabeth: It is classy, I like it

    Dorothy: Reminds me of the wizard of Oz, but it is ok

  • My first thoughts..


    Klaus - Santa

    Micheal - Jackson

    Lucifer - badass

    Muhammad - awesome

    Vassily - Vaseline

    Hiroshi - Japanese, cute, yoshi


    Xena (or Zeena) - exotic, cute

    Jessica - overused

    Violet - purple, cute

    Elizabeth - overused

    Dorothy - pigtails

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