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Rent house 翻譯 check

為了節省時間,湯姆(Tom)想要在辦公室附近租房子。但是房租太貴了,他負擔不起。他已經找了兩個月,還是找不到滿意的房子。今天早上朋友打電話告訴他,有一間比較便宜的公寓要出租,他決定下班後去看看。 To save time,Tom wants to rent a house near his office. But it is expensive of the rent, hecan’t afford it, he has been found the house two months, but he still doesn’tfind a satisfied house he wants. His friend called him this morning, a cheaphouse will be rent, he decide looking it after work

Please check and have a suggest. thanks

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    Tom plans to rent a house nearby the officeto save the transportation time,he cannot afford the very expensive rent.He has looked for two months and could not find a satisfied one. One of hisfriends called him this morning telling him there is a cheaper apartmentavailable for rent, he decided to take a look after the office.


    原文所用的動詞都沒有錯,全文大致可以,只小小動了一下,用了代名詞減少一些主詞及受詞,把his friend, 改成one of his friends,因為通常不會只有一個朋友,英文裡是如此用的。以較為「西式」的語氣表達。

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    先不論內容,版主和 Harryzeis II 都要注意連接詞。英語寫作注重結構,兩位若加強連接詞,整篇文章看起來就會不一樣。

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