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ELE asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago













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    1. Honorable guests, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, please be seated promptly, the cereomony will begin in five minutes.

    2. Next we will be watching video clips showing how this newlywed couple met, got to know and started to cherish each other.

    3. Now let's give them a big round of applause and welcome the bride and broom in.

    4. Now let's welcome wedding officiants of bride and broom to comp up front to the podium.

    5. Now the bride and broom and their officiants would like to express their sincerest gratitude for you all joining the wedding party.

    6. Thanks again for each of dearly beloved friends and family members for being here with us. Officiants be seated now, please.

    2014-05-16 12:35:14 補充:

    PS. 主婚人若剛好非新娘新郎父母,用parents會很失禮

    2014-05-16 16:22:55 補充:


    We are happily gathered here today to join the bride and groom in matrimony. And because of your attending, the ceremony would be even more exuberant & wonderful.



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    1. ladies and gentlemen, the wedding ceremony is going to start in five minutes. please be ready as soon as possible.

    2. let treasure the couple's mutual understanding, appreciation and respect.

    3. give big hand to OOO and XXX

    4. let invite presiders come to the front

    5.thanks for everybody's participation to today's wedding. Newly-wed and presiders give sincerest appreciation.

    6. Thanks again for everybody's participation. presiders please go back to your seat.

    because the newly wed integration, as well as your participation we are grateful to get together to cerebrate and the hall are full of lively atmosphere.

    2014-05-19 10:04:27 補充:

    2. next we will be watching video clips showing how this couple share mutual understanding, get to know and treasure each other.

    3.let welcome presiders of bride and broom come to front.

    6. thanks again for each lovely friends and family members for coming. Presiders please be seated.

    2014-05-19 10:05:03 補充:

    4. let welcome presiders of bride and broom to come to podium.

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  • Kookie
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    7 years ago

    台灣的婚禮喜宴,大都在飯店宴會廳進行,簡單的致詞後就是吃喝一頓,然後就鳥獸散。版大發問的內容,就是 "中軌中矩" 的喜宴過程。

    而 "冠冕堂皇" 一般是用來形容有權有勢的人,漂亮的言語但卻言不由衷。


    "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." 入境隨俗,只能說個地文法風俗不同。

  • 呆子
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    7 years ago

    1.各位親愛的嘉賓,典禮將在五分鐘之後開始,請盡速入座Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. The ceremony will begin within 5 minutes. Please be seated.

    2.讓我們藉由影片一同欣賞這一對新人的相遇、相知、相惜Through this film we can realize that the new couple gets along with each other from deep in the heart.

    3.讓我們用最熱烈的掌聲歡迎新郎XXX和新娘OOO進場Let us clap our hands loudly to welcome the new couple.

    4.恭請雙方主婚人一同上台May I invite both parents step forward onto the platform?

    5.感謝各位參加今日的婚禮,新人以及雙方主婚人在此致上最真誠的謝意Thanks for joining the ceremony. Both parents and new couple appreciate your coming.

    6.再次感謝現場每位親朋好友的蒞臨,請主婚人回座Thanks again. Both parents return to your seats.

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    2014-05-16 15:55:49 補充:

    Because the new couple wants to get married, we have this opportunity to gather here. Owing to your support, the wedding party is full of joy.

  • 7 years ago

    > 歡迎新郎XXX和新娘OOO進場...

    好大膽的你!在婚禮上,新娘永遠是第一名的! 竟然將她排在XXX的後面?

    2014-05-16 21:38:33 補充:

    說詞觀面堂皇 但是真是平淡無奇...

    2014-05-17 03:17:06 補充:

    I went to quite a few weddings in US and each of them had its own style.

    One of them showed how the bride enjoyed cooking and fine wine.

    Another showed the bride loved gardening.

    Most impressive one was the one with many outdoor sports - and how the bride loves them.

    2014-05-17 03:18:14 補充:

    I thought all TW girls insist that this be a "once a life time" events?


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