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Cincinnati to Chicago?

i only have 33.75, and i NEED to get TO CHICAGO!!!

im guess my question is, whats the cheapest thing for me to do to get their?

P.S.........i;ve resaecrhed the mega bus, greyhound, amtrak, and taking a seris of metro buses their, but i still need help!

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    What the hell, man? I used and megabus, and found plenty of fares for $28.50 on megabus, and even better, $27.00 on greyhound. So what, exactly, do you need help with? There is no "series of metro busses" by the way. Amtrak is certainly out of your price range. But the other two options are rather easy to "research."

    For both companies, these discounted fares are nonrefundable, and are subject to very strict circumstances if you pay for a ticket and then have to later change it (you may not be allowed to).

    Megabus is great, because all you need is a code to board, but this REQUIRES a credit card. There are simply no cash reservations on this service. Also, prices are better in advance, and depend on seating availability at the time you make your reservation and payment.

    With cash, you may still use greyhound's web only fare of about $27 on Friday and weekend departures. For best prices, you must reserve online in advance AND pick up the ticket at a participating ACE CASH EXPRESS outlet. On weekdays, it may be anywhere from $9.00 to $19.00 (can't beat it, it may even provide for a round trip almost on your shoestring budget!). If you elect to reserve a ticket and pay by cash before the reservation expires at a participating ACE CASH EXPRESS store, then the price you see online is what you get. There are no additional taxes or fees for this option. Greyhound provides the option for reserving online and purchasing with cash, but to do so, you must designate a participating ACE CASH EXPRESS store, promptly after making your reservation at Do not let your reservation expire.

    If you let your reservation expire, there is no obligation to pay anything, but you will have to repurchase a ticket. Once you pay cash for a discounted ticket, you must use it for that bus only, or some web only fares are eligible for same day standby.

    As you are traveling through Illinois, state law says you must be at least 17 years of age to ride unaccompanied by an adult.

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