Any plot ideas for a zombie story with running corpses?

The main characters are Chris and his wife Hannah York. There's a gang after them. The characters in the gang are Robby Jones, Dalton Walsh, Dennis Miller, Barkley Smith, and Logan Myers the leader. I want there to be gunfight scenes in it and Chris has his 50 caliber pointing at Logan's head after his gang is dead. Chris told him If I see you anywhere near our people, I'll kill you. Then he finds a new and twice as big gang. Logan surprises and wrestles Chris with a knife in his hand when he didn't expect it with his new gang shooting at his people. Then Logan gets eaten by running corpses at the end after his bigger gang is dead. There in New York desperately trying to make it out of the city. Any ideas on how I can write this and I need 8 more characters for Logan's new gang. It spreads through bites and scratches. It's airborne

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  • David
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    6 years ago
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    You've got a start there. Keep writing.

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