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我們英文老師說我有一點 中式英文




To my underclassmen : Recently , you must undergo the stress a lot . Not only do parents blame you for worse score of tests , but everyone feels that you indulged in the club. Tired as you are , I believe you can overcome the obstacles. Some of your partners leave , but the others still stay here. Moreover , there are some recruits participating. As the saying goes , '' no pains , no gains.'' The more you sacrifice for your dream , the more you will learn and gain. You sow what you reap. Remember that you aren't alone , your partners are hard-working with you.It's worth while to do what you want. They are not only your classmates but your family. Besides, you should encourage each other to make the show perfect. No matter what the show will be , the most important thing of all is the process which you get together to live through everything. As the time goes by , your friendship won't fade at all. Since you join in the tough mission , I hope that you can do your best. The few days are counting downwards. All you can do is try your best and you spare no effort doing everything.



然後幫我改正一下ˊ ˋ

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    Sincerely, it isn't really anything about Chinese or Taiwanese style English (your ET is being nice),but an ostentatious, bumptious, disoriented and poorly-patched fashion as a-lot-to-say-about-nothing English composition that you call 'diary'.

    Throwing in a bunch of seeming classic sayings,idioms, phrases or expressions won’t necessarily make a good piece of work,letting alone being inundated with tons of grammatical errors.

    It's always the thoughts that matter. That is, thoughts come first, then, wording. Toss away vocabulary or idiom books. Do not read them for their own sake. Read novels. Read magazines. Read comics books. Read as much as possible and get ideas from them. Read between the lines from them. Read before you write. Listen before you speak. Absorb like a sponge. Read, read, read. Reading is the only key to your writing.

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    他之前遇到的問 題跟你一樣


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    請洽客服 官網 : A36588.NET

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    下面這個網站超級推薦!!相信一定可以解決你的問題(人格保證,絕不是病毒) (貼至瀏覽器就大功告成了)

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    "to my underclassmen" in you diary? Are you sure?

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