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Planning a road trip from Charlotte, NC to Vancouver, British Columbia?

I am planning a road trip from Charlotte north carolina to vancouver british columbia. I have two friends coming with me and we are rotating taking turns driving. Google maps says it is about 3011 miles and 45 hrs. We would like to make it in 4 days or less and were just wondering if this is possible. We are willing to drive during the night while the other two sleep.

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    you can split it however you want. if you try to make it in 4 (96), youre looking a little under 12 hours a day driving. if you split it between the 3 of yall, youre looking about 4 hours a piece, not including eating. add another 2 hours for that and 8 hours for sleep, youll have about 2 extra hours per day. thats actually not that much between the 3 of you. so it would be a good idea to:

    hit the road at 8

    drive for an hour or 2

    eat (30 minutes)

    drive another 2-3 hours

    eat (30 minutes)

    drive for another 4 hours

    get gas and a snack (30 minutes)

    drive another 4 hours

    dinner (30 minutes)

    check in and sleep

    do it again!!! and you have an extra 2 hours do blow off if you want too!

    i dont know why yall wouldnt wanna take your time though. road trips are supposed to be pretty chill and slow

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    Wow! That's a great opportunity to see a lot of two countries. Why are you in such a hurry?

    Google will give you the fastest route, but not necessarily the most interesting. Look and see what states it's taking you through.

    45 hours in 4 days is about 11 hours a day- a reasonable amount. It leaves you a little time to stop and see some sights.

    But it's very dangerous to drive overnight unless the driver typically works at night and sleeps during the day. Your body's rhythms don't change easily.

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    I would try to do it in 5 days or so!! Road trips are suppose to go by slow!! Stop by the different places to experience them!!!! Don't rush through it!!!

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    Don't forget consistent rest stops and food stops. It doesn't help if you all arrive at your destination exhausted and need 2 days to catch up on food and rest! Exhaustion makes quick reaction time much slower which can mean accidents! Take pillows and throws because getting quality sleep in a car is not easy so do the best you can for comfort! Have fun!

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