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接著,此課程給我的感覺像是幫助找回以前的記憶。因為這些內容我以前也學習過,因由於以前沒有機會去運用,所以很早便忘光了。而這次令我回憶起以前我是接觸過的,當我再次接觸時令我更加深刻。相對的,當中也有一些我沒有接觸過的事,課程中有一課有關Friendship and Intimacy裡,在朋友中原來有分Best, Close, Significant Convenient Friends 這幾種類型,這次是我第一次接觸,不過我聽完導師講解後,還是不太清楚身邊的朋友是那一類朋友。




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    Then, this course gave me the feeling like to help retrieve the previous memory. Because these elements I've also learned, because there is no opportunity to use due to the previous, so early on my mind. And this makes me remember before I was contacted, and when I again contacted seasonal me more profound. In contrast, there are some of them I did not come into contact with something, there is a lesson about the curriculum Friendship and Intimacy, in the friends had watched Best, Close, Significant Convenient Friends These types, this is my first contact, but I'm listening to instructors explain later, still not clear her friends are the kind of friends.

    Despite this knowledge , I do not know whether it is useful , but at least I started to make some things on their own reflections . For example: from birth to now I really know about myself ? In emotional I can well to control it? When I encounter something , how I face ? I was able to manage yourself? These problems have now is my daily homework now , every day would ask myself, what have I done today ? Today, I have no control over their emotions ? I find myself now and then do not understand their own ideas, I think it will not move forward. When I know their personalities , I discovered that I had a big problem is that a lot of the time I have to escape some trouble or I would be very very difficult. For example , previously very interested in beauty , but when I know that in addition to beauty school money , but also need examination , and go far away to school. When I know I felt a lot of trouble , and then I thought, I'm not actually want to go to school too , because of this reason in the end I chose to escape , did not go to sign up . Now recall , at that time I still feel stupid .

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